Martha Moulton1

#779, (1640 - )


Thomas Bragdon b. 1640, d. b 1690
Children 1.Daniel Bragdon4 (c 1661 - b 1690)
 2.Deacon Arthur Bragdon+ (c 1670 - b 1743)
 3.Martha Bragdon+ (c 1672 - )
 4.Elizabeth Bragdon+ (1679 - a 1755)
 5.Bethia Bragdon+ (c 1688 - )
Her married name was Bragdon. 
Birth*1640She was born in 1640 at York Co., MaineG
Marriage*circa 1660She married Thomas Bragdon, son of Arthur Bragdon and Mary Came, circa 1660 at York Co., MaineG.2,3 


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