Abraham Bogart1

#1353, (25 December 1812 - 28 September 1894)


Patsy Bridges b. 1813, d. 1896
Children 1.Jemima Bogart+1 (c 1837 - )
 2.Susan Bogart1 (bt 1838 - 1839 - )
 3.John A. Bogart+1 (bt 1839 - 1840 - )
 4.Henry Bogart+1 (bt 1841 - 1842 - )
 5.William Bogart+1 (bt 1843 - 1844 - )
 6.Charles Bogart+1 (bt 1848 - 1849 - 1896)
 7.Elizabeth Bogart15 (bt 1851 - 1852 - )
 8.Albert Bogart15 (bt 1853 - 1854 - )
From History of Hamilton County, Ohio: "Abram BOGART was born December 25, 1812, in New Jersey, twenty miles from New York, in Bergen county, and came to Anderson township in 1814.There he has remained ever since. He married Patsy BRIDGES September22,1836, and is father of eight children, all of whom are living, and all married. He has been a farmer from boyhood. He saw Cincinnati when forest trees stood on Fourth and Fifth streets, and saw the high water of 1832 on Pearl street. He played in a locust grove on the beach of Cincinnati on what was called Western Row, now Central avenue. Mrs. BOGART was educated in a log school-house, with greased paper window panes. Her father came from New England and her mother from Virginia. John BRIDGES, her grandfather, was the first white man who built a house in Anderson. Both have been members of a Christian church for more than forty years. He has divided his property among his children, and now lives retired, but is superintendent of the Clough turnpike. He is respected by everybody." at Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG.2 
Birth*25 December 1812He was born on 25 December 1812 at Bergen Co., New JerseyG; (born NY in one source.)3,1,4 
1814He removed to Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG, in 1814.5 
Marriage*22 September 1836He married Patsy Bridges, daughter of Elisha Bridges and Elizabeth Clark, on 22 September 1836 at Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG.6,7 
1840He and Patsy Bridges appeared on the census of 1840 at Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG.8 
9 April 1847He witnessed the will of Samuel Johnson on 9 April 1847 at Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG.9 
1850He and Patsy Bridges appeared on the census of 1850 at Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG; p 389, sh 195; nei Benj. and Hannah Bridges.10 
20 June 1860He and Patsy Bridges appeared on the census of 20 June 1860 at Mt. Washington P.O., Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG.11 
6 July 1870He and Patsy Bridges appeared on the census of 6 July 1870 at Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG; also John T Bogart (89), b. NJ (presumably father.)12 
17 June 1880He and Patsy Bridges appeared on the census of 17 June 1880 at Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG; nei. dau. Jemima and Jacob Kuhn.13 
Death*28 September 1894He died on 28 September 1894 at Hamilton Co., OhioG, at age 81.14 
Burialcirca 30 September 1894He was buried circa 30 September 1894 at Mount Washington Cemetery, Hamilton Co., OhioG.14 
Burial*30 September 1894He was buried on 30 September 1894 at Bridges Family Cemetery, Bridges Road, Anderson Twp., Hamilton Co., OhioG; apparently unused plot.3 


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