Ann Poynter1

#1369, (say 1630 - 22 September 1692)

Family 1

Thomas Greenslade b. s 1624, d. 1674
Children 1.Abigail Greenslade9 (a 1650 - )
 2.Thomas Greenslade10 (bt 1650 - 1660 - )
 3.John Greenslade10 (bt 1650 - 1660 - )
 4.Samuel Greenslade10 (bt 1650 - 1660 - )
 5.James Greenslade10 (bt 1650 - 1660 - )
 6.Ruth Greenslip+ (1659 - b 1724)

Family 2

Jacob Pudeator d. c 1682
Her married name was Greenslade. 
Her married name was Pudeator.2 
Birth*say 1630She was born say 1630.1 
Marriage*before 1650She married Thomas Greenslade before 1650 in MaineG.3 
Marriage*after 1677She married Jacob Pudeator after 1677 at Salem, Essex Co., MassachusettsG.2 
Probate27 March 1677She was the administrator of Thomas Greenslade's estate on 27 March 1677 at Court at Ipswich, Essex Co., MassachusettsG.4 
12 May 1692
Warrant for Arrest of Ann Pudeator and Alice Parker

To the Marshall of Essex or Constable in Salem

You are in theire Majes'ts names hereby required forthwith to apprehend and bring before us Alice parker the wife of John parker of Salem and Ann Pudeator of Salem Widdow who stand Charged with sundry acts of Witchcraft by them Committed this day Contrary to the Laws of our Sov'r Lord & Lady. faile not Dated Salem. May the. 12'th 1692

John Hathorne
Jonathan. Corwin
May 12'th -- 1692 I have apprehended the above named persons and Brought them att the place apointed by your honors

George Herrick Marshall of Essex

(Source: Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 109 ) on 12 May 1692 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.5
Death*22 September 1692She died by hanging on 22 September 1692 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.6 
Burial*22 September 1692She was buried on 22 September 1692 at Burying Point Cemetery, Salem, Essex Co., MassachusettsG.7
Ann Greenslit Pudeator was a well-to-do septuagenarian widow hanged on charges of being a witch on September 22, 1692. Thomas Greenslit was her first husband and they had five children (Thomas, Jr., Ruth, John, Samuel, and James). Ann's maiden name is not known, nor the place of her birth. After Thomas' death, she married Jacob Pudeator and took his name. Jacob died in 1682, leaving Ann well-off. Some have theorized that her likely occupation as a nurse and midwife, along with her being a woman of property, made her vulnerable to charges of witchcraft.

The inventory of Goody Pudeator's alleged misdeeds included:

Presenting the Devil's Book to a girl and forcing her to sign it.
Bewitchment causing the death of neighbor's wife.
Appearing in spectral form to afflicted girls.
Having witchcraft materials in her home, which she claimed was grease for making soap.
Torturing with pins.
Causing a man to fall out of a tree.
Killing her second husband and his first wife.
Turning herself into a bird and flying into her house.

Many of these allegations were made by Mary Warren, one of the so-called "afflicted girls". Her other accusers were John Best, Sr., John Best, Jr., and Samuel Pickworth. Ann Pudeator was tried and sentenced to death on September 9, 1692, along with Alice Parker, Dorcas Hoar, Mary Bradbury, and Mary Easty. It is not known where she is buried. She was hanged on Gallows Hill in Salem Town.

Ann's son Thomas testified against George Burroughs at his trial for witchcraft.

In October 1710, the General Court passed an act reversing the convictions of those for whom their families had pleaded, but Ann Pudeator was not among them. Ann was exonerated in 1957 by the Massachusetts State Legislature, partly because of the efforts of Lee Greenslit, a Midwestern textbook publisher.8


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