Friedrich Haefner Jr1

#1439, (1 October 1748 - between September 1810 and February 1811)
Relationship2nd great-grandfather of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Friedrich Haefner1 (1716 - 1794)
Mother*Anna Maria Baumin1 (1713 - 1793)


Susanna Schreyer b. c 1755, d. 1827
Children 1.John Haefner8 (1772 - 1822)
 2.Anna Margaretha Haefner8 (1774 - )
 3.Maria Appellonia Haefner8 (1776 - )
 4.Jacob Haefner+8 (1779 - 1827)
 5.George Haefner8 (1781 - )
 6.Mary Elizabeth Haefner+8 (1782 - 1827)
 7.Catharina Haefner+8 (1786 - )
 8.Friedrich Haefner III+8 (1787 - 1825)
 9.Joseph Haefner8 (1788 - )
 10.Benjamin Haefner8 (1791 - )
 11. Hannah Haefner+1 (bt 1792 - 1795 - bt 1860 - 1867)
 12.Daniel Haefner8 (1793 - b 1811)
 13.Anna Haefner+8 (1795 - )
Friedrich Haefner Jr was also known as Heffner. 
Friedrich Haefner Jr was also known as Jacob Friedrich Haefner. 
Birth*1 October 1748He was born on 1 October 1748 at Maryland or PennsylvaniaG.2 
Christening9 November 1748He was christened on 9 November 1748 at Evangelical Lutheran Church, Middletown, Frederick Co., MarylandG; s/ Jacob Stubbin and his wife.3 
27 November 1767In John Michael Haefner's will dated 27 November 1767, Friedrich Haefner Jr was named as an heir.4 
Marriage*between 1771 and 1779He married Susanna Schreyer between 1771 and 1779.1 
20 April 1791He and Susanna Schreyer appeared on the census of 20 April 1791 at Frederick Co., MarylandG; sh 202 has Frederick Heffner and Frederick Jr; sh 203 has Michael Heffner and Michael Jr; count begins on sh 156; poss. 5th dau. unk.5 
25 December 1793In Friedrich Haefner's will dated 25 December 1793 at Frederick Co., MarylandG, Friedrich Haefner Jr was named as an heir, to share with his brother as tenants in common the residue of the estate, both personal and real. Both brothers to retain their plantations, Michael to receive an additional 30 acres as Friedrick Jr. had already been given 30 acres.4,6 
August 1810He left a will in August 1810 at Frederick Co., MarylandG; order of children: John, Jacob, George, Frederick, Joseph, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Appolonia, Mary, Catherine, Ann.4,7 
Death*between September 1810 and February 1811He died between September 1810 and February 1811 at MarylandG.4 
Probate*25 February 1811His estate was probated on 25 February 1811 at Frederick Co., MarylandG.4 
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


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    d/ Abigal SHELY
    d/ Catharine MILLER, dec'd, to her children
    d/ Elizabeth HEFFNER (given part of her late mother’s things)
    s/ Frederick HEFFNER Jr.
    s/ Michael HEFFNER

    Land - "Resurvey on Havenear’s Fancy"

    Will lists outstanding lawsuit with Geoge CLEM and George DIXON; and land to be conveyed to Peter ENGEL and PeterSNOOK. Executors were Thomas JOHNSON, esquire; Samuel DUVAL and Baker JOHNSON. Witnesses were Frederick CLINE, Frederick HEFNER and John HEFNER.

    George DICKSON was heir of brother James DICKSON and was entitled to half of tract "Haffner’s Choice" (which was a resurvey on the tract "Discovery"); this after the deduction of 100 acres sold to Daniel MADDES per agreement between Frederick HAFFNER and James DICKSON. Frederick HAFFNER died before deed was conveyed.

    Land warrant for "Havener’s Fancy" dated 1 Feb 1760; resurveyed on 10 Dec 1761, to include vacant lands, and then called "Resurvey on Havener’s Fancy", 695 acres; next to tract "George and Margaret".

    (Mention made of Charles Lord Baron of Baltimore, our Great Grandfather of a Noble memory, his instructions to Charles CARROLL, esquire, in agreement bearing date at London on 12 Sep 1712 and registered in our province with a paragraph of our dear father’s instructions, bearing date at London of 15 Dec 1738 and registered in our land office.
    David SHAWN (SHEHAWN - age abt 55 in 1798) and George CLEM lived on said property.

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    son John Heffner* d. 1822 intestate, no issue
    son Jacob Heffner d. 1827 (will), leaving
    ...w/Rebecca and 2 children,
    ...William W. Heffner, a minor
    ...Samuel P. Heffner, a minor
    son George Heffner, res. Ohio
    son Frederick Heffner d. 1825, leaving children,
    ...Thomas Heffner, res. Virginia
    ...David Heffner, res. Virginia
    ...Catharine Heffner, res. Virginia
    ...Elizabeth Heffner, res. Virginia
    son Joseph Heffner, res. Indiana
    dau. Elizabeth Heffner
    dau. Apollonia Heffner
    dau. Mary Heffner (d. 1827) wife of James Nailor - their children,
    ...William Nailor, a minor
    ...Augustus Nailor, a minor
    dau. Catharine Heffner wife of William Darlin, res. Ohio
    dau. Anne Heffner wife of Benjamin T. Bartgis
    son Benjamin Heffner
    brother Michael Heffner

    Executors were widow and sons (except George). Witnesses: Peter Wolfe, Solomon B. Heff, Daniel Burkhartt. Spouses and grandchildren not given in will.
    Land - "So Much Saved," 2 acres, Lots 77 and 78 in Berlin (Brunswick), from Joseph Smith, exec. of Leonard Smith in 1799 (had been sold by Smith to Michael Sponseller who transferred to Tobias Hammer who transferred to Frederick Heffner).
    - "Resurvey on Heffner's Fancy," 25 acres (home place), by warrant in 1752; next to tract "George and Margaret" owned by George Swinigard in 1743.
    - "Rocky Hill," 9 acres, on Katoctin Mountain near High Knob.
    - "Beginning to Rain," 1½ acres.
    To son, John Heffner, now dec'd
    - *Common Warrant in 1806 for "Tasker's Chance," 13 acres.
    - 6 acres from Michael Heffner, adjoining lands of John Cronise, on east side of Monocacy and includes an island in Monocacy River (part of Monocacy Manor, Lot #3).
    - "Water, Wood and Stone," 6 acres (part of Monocacy Manor, Lot #4).
    Executor of Jacob Heffner was Samuel Pool.
    Catharine assigned her interests to John Bayley.
    Guardian for Jacob Heffner's children and the Nailor children was L.P.W. Balch; Balch was also trustee; on 20 Aug 1830, at Shafer's Tavern in Frederick Town, sale was made:
    - Lot #1 of 18 acres to David Schley at $625.60
    - Lot #2 of 6 acres to John Cronise at $93
    - Lot #3 of 6 acres to Benjamin Heffner at $29
    - Lot #4 to John Ogle at $23
    - Lot #5 to Adam Young at $50
    - Lot #7 (lots in Berlin) to John Brunner of Jacob at $96
    On 30 Jul 1831, Rebecca, widow of Jacob Heffner, testified she was 38 years old; she received 2/15 for dower, $4.54; Elizabeth, the widow of Frederick Heffner, received 2/15 also; James Nailor, widower of Mary, received 8/15, $13.62; each 1/8 share was $34.06; finalized 29 Aug 1833.
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