Annetje Waldron1

#1564, (circa November 1681 - )
Relationship5th great-grandmother of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Daniel Waldron2 (1656 - )
Mother*Sara Rutgers2 (s 1656 - )

Family 1

François Buis b. s 1680, d. b 1713

Family 2

Isaac Van Deursen b. 1688, d. 1756
Children 1.Annetje Van Deursen8 (1714 - )
 2.Abraham1 Van Deursen8 (1715 - )
 3. Daniel Van Deursen+1 (1716 - )
 4.Anna Van Deursen+8 (1718 - )
 5.Abraham Van Deursen8 (1720 - )
 6.Sara Van Deursen8 (1721 - )
 7.Isaac Van Deursen Jr8 (1723 - )
 8.Maria Van Deursen8 (1724 - )
 9.Catharina Van Deursen8 (1726 - )
Her married name was Buis.3 
Her married name was Van Deursen.1,2 
Her married name was Van Deusen.1 
Birth*circa November 1681She was born circa November 1681 at New York, New York; (19 Nov 1681 in Van Deursen Family.4,2
Baptism19 November 1681She was baptized on 19 November 1681 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York, New York.5 
Marriage*9 December 1708She married François Buis on 9 December 1708 at New York.3 
Marriage*5 April 1713She married Isaac Van Deursen, son of Abraham Isaacsz Van Deursen and Annatje Sickles, on 5 April 1713 at New York.6 
22 June 1714She and Isaac Van Deursen joined the Dutch Reformed Church, Tappan, New York.7 
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


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    viii Maria, bp Nov. 18, 1724 ; sps Gerret de Foreest, Maria Wellmse.
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