Edward Bobit1

#10375, (say 1620 - May 1676)
Relationship7th great-grandfather of William David Lewis


Sarah Tarne b. s 1634
Children 1.Edward Babbitt Jr.+11 (1655 - )
 2. Sarah Babbitt+1 (1657/58 - )
 3.Hannah Babbitt11 (1660/61 - )
 4.Damaris Babbitt11 (1663 - )
 5.Elkana Babbitt+11 (1665 - )
 6.Dorcas Babbitt11 (1666/67 - 1674)
 7.Ester Babbitt11 (1669 - )
 8.Ruth Babbitt12 (1671 - )
 9.Deliverance Babbitt12 (1673 - )
Edward Bobit was also known as Bobbit.2 
Birth*say 1620He was born say 1620.1 
Marriage*7 September 1643He married Sarah Tarne, daughter of Miles Tarne and Sarah _____, on 7 September 1643 at Taunton, Massachusetts.2,3 
October 1652He participated in the founding of the Iron Works in October 1652 at Taunton, New Plymouth Colony, subscribing "£10 for the enterprise"; the founding of the Iron Works.4 
19 November 1652Edward Bobit acquired real estate at New Plymouth Colony on 19 November 1652, a parcel of land on "the Southsyde of the Great River between the land of Edward Rew...and the land of William Parker."5 
Death*May 1676He died in May 1676 at Taunton, New Plymouth Colony (now Bristol Co.), MassachusettsG.6,7 
Probate*6 March 1676/77His estate was probated on 6 March 1676/77 at New Plymouth Colony, MassachusettsG; also Judge James Cudworth, poss. 8614.8 
Inventory6 March 1676/77His estate was inventoried by Edward Bobit on 6 March 1676/77 at New Plymouth Colony (now Bristol Co.), MassachusettsG.9 
Probate4 June 1684His estate was probated on 4 June 1684 at New Plymouth Colony (now Bristol Co.), MassachusettsG.10 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    Imps the house and land broken up and umbroken which lyeth together and meddow adjoyning to it being 140 acrees lying att
    Mr. Streets farme soe called 150-00-00
    2 About 4 acrees of salt meddow lying att Asplace called by the name of Assonett 10-00-0
    3 A peece of upland being 29 acres lying att a place called Joshua Creekes brook 07-00-0
    4 eight acrees of land lying on the east syde of the Great River neare the Great bridge 04-00-0
    5 Alsoe 22 acrees of land lying by the three Mile River lying att Rumford and called the 20 acree devision 05-00-0
    6 A Right in the North devision 10-0-00
    Item alsoe a right in the late purchased land below the 3 mile River 10-00-00
    7 Town Rights 10-00-0
    8 Two oxen 6 cowes 5 steers, 1 bull two heiffers 5 yeerlings 1 calfe 2 horses 13 swine 56-10-0
    Item beeff and corne spent by the armie and horses killed in the army 06-01-00
    Item Cart wheeles and plow and plow irons, chaines and hoese & yoakes beetle rings and weddges with other old iron 05-11-00
    Item axes horse takleing armes and Amunition 02-03-06
    Item bed and beding 05-10-0
    Item wearing clothes that was left of his 03-04-00
    Item hemp bagges and basketts bridles and saddles & Skins 06-07-0
    Item woolen cloth and linine cloth mony and xchge 06-09-0
    Item spining wheels chests tubbs pailes barrells bottles and other wooden lumber 03-02-06
    Item bedsteeds and cradles lether and other smale things 02-03-06
    Item 1 pillian 00-08-00
    Item bed and furniture 02-00-0
    "This estate of Edward Bobbitt above mensioned an Inhabitant of Taunton in the Jurisdiccion of New Plymouth was apprised by us this sixt of March 1676.
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