David Ogden1

#11313, (11 January 1639/40 - before 27 February 1691/92)
Relationship7th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*John Ogden2 (1609 - 1682)
Mother*Jane Bond3 (s 1616 - a 1683)


Elizabeth Swaine b. 1654, d. a 1706
Children 1. Capt. David Ogden Jr.+1 (c 1678 - 1734)
 2.Col. Josiah Ogden+6 (c 1679 - 1763)
Birth*11 January 1639/40He was born on 11 January 1639/40 at EnglandG.4 
circa 1640He accompanied John Ogden and Jane Bond circa 1640 from England to Long Island, New YorkG.5 
1665He removed with John Ogden and Jane Bond to Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, in 1665.5 
Marriage*circa 1676He married Elizabeth Swaine, daughter of Capt. Samuel Swaine and ____ _____, circa 1676.1 
Death*before 27 February 1691/92He died before 27 February 1691/92 at Newark, New Jersey.1 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis (#1)
Ancestors of William D. Lewis (#2)


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    "Here Lyes Interred
    ye body of
    Col. Josiah Ogden
    Who died May 17TH 1763
    In the 84TH year of his age."