Benjamin Baldwin1

#2665, (circa 1642 - after 1726)
Relationship7th great-granduncle of William David Lewis
Father*Joseph Baldwin1 (s 1613 - 1684)
Mother*Hannah Whitlock1 (c 1616 - b 1670)


Hannah Sargent b. s 1648
Children 1.Jonathan Baldwin+16 (c 1670 - 1726)
 2.Sarah Baldwin16 (c 1672 - )
 3.Joseph Baldwin16 (c 1672 - )
 4.Benjamin Baldwin Jr.16 (s 1674 - )
He was a weaver.2,3 
Birth*circa 1642He was born circa 1642 at Milford, Connecticut.1 
Baptism23 June 1644He was baptized on 23 June 1644 at ConnecticutG.4 
1666He removed to Newark (now South Orange), New Jersey, in 1666 (one of the Founders.)5,6,7 
Marriage*say 1668He married Hannah Sargent, daughter of Jonathan Sargent and ____ _____, say 1668.1 
1679He was chosen for fence Viewer in 1679 at Newark, East Jersey.8 
20 December 1680In Joseph Baldwin's will dated 20 December 1680, Benjamin Baldwin was named as an heir, receiving, with two brothers, property in Milford (already given).9,10 
1685He was chosen for Warner of Town Meetings in 1685 at East Jersey.11 
24 January 1686/87 On 24 January 1686/87 at East Jersey, at the Town Meeting, "Joseph Walters and John Brown, Jun'r, are chosen, to Seal Measures and Weights. Item — it is agreed, that Benjamin Baldwin's or Stephen Davis's half Bushel, shall be the Standard which shall be thought most suitable, and all Measures shall be sealed with an N and all Weights shall be tried by brass Weights if they can be had, and if not, by Stephen Davis's Weights which have been Sealed at New York."12 
1692He was one of four men chosen " to collect the Money that is gathered by the Subscriptions in Newark, for the Maintainence of the Ministry in the year 1692." in 1692 at East Jersey.13 
1693/94He was chosen Constable, with Jonathan Baldwin his son for Deputy in 1693/94 at East Jersey.13 
Death*after 1726He died after 1726. 
17 May 1726He left a will on 17 May 1726 at Essex Co., East JerseyG.14,15 


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