Christoffel Hoagland1

#9371, (circa 1634 - 8 February 1684)


Trÿntje Cregier b. c 1645
Children 1.Dirck Hoagland+14 (c 1662 - )
 2.Elizabeth Hoagland14 (c 1664 - )
 3.Harmanus1 Hoagland14 (c 1666 - bt 1676 - 1681)
 4.Martin Hoagland15 (c 1667 - )
 5.Christopher Hoagland Jr.+1 (c 1669 - 1748)
 6.Francis Hoagland14 (c 1672 - )
 7.Jacob Hoagland14 (c 1676 - 1676)
 8.Harmanus Hoagland+14 (1681 - 1771)
"Four persons of the name of Hoogland emigrated to this country during the Dutch rule. These were:
CORNELIS DIRCKSEN HOOCHLANDT, found here as early as 1638, and previously of Amsterdam, as various records show;
CHRIST0FFEL HOOGLANDT, from Haarlem,whose name first appears upon our records in I655;
DIRCK JANSEN HOOGLANDT, who came out in 1657 from Maerseveen; and
CORNELIS ANDRIESZEN HOOGLAND, who emigrated from the Hague in 1658.
We have found no direct evidence of blood relationship between any of these persons; though the name Dirck, common to three of them, might seem to indicate it. And as Christoffel (or Christopher) called his eldest son Dirck, that was probably his father’s name, and the father of Dirck Jansen being named Jan, the two fathers
(said Dirck and Jan) could have been brothers also of Cornelis Dircksen—and all this in harmony with dates and fixed rules of Dutch nomenclature. But while this is possible, such agreement touching Christian names, so much in use as were these, may be merely accidental; and there is not observed that friendly intercourse between the several families, and especially that between Christopher and the others, which would be expected where so close a relationship existed. As to the friendship afterwards subsisting between Dirck Cornelissen (son of Cornelis Dircksen) and Dirck Jansen, as shown in their business dealings with each other, it may have come about very naturally through marriage, by which means they did become related, and Dirck Cornelissen, though the younger of the two, became an uncle to Dirck Jansen. Furthermore. Cornelis Dircksen and Christopher had different ways of spelling their name (the one Hoochlandt, the other Hooglandt), which docs not favor a near relationship."2 
Christoffel Hoagland was also known as Hooglandt.1 
Christoffel Hoagland was also known as Stoffel.1 
Birth*circa 1634He was born circa 1634 at Haarlem, Netherlands.1,3 
circa 1655He migrated to New Amsterdam, New Netherland, from Haarlem, The Netherlands circa 1655.4 
Marriage*23 June 1661He married Trÿntje Cregier, daughter of Capt. Martin Cregier and Lysbeth _____, on 23 June 1661 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.3,5 
21 October 1661He. merchant and Hendrick Willemsen, baker, were "appointed by the Court of Burgomasters and Schepens to put in force an ordinance passed on that date regulating the quality, weight and price of bread, and the forbidding of bakers 'to bake any more koeckjes, jumbles or sweet cake.' " on 21 October 1661 at New Netherland.6 
1666He lived in 1666 at De Hoogh Street, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.7 
May 1666He was a juryman in a case before the Mayor's Court relating to the "Bronck's Land" in May 1666 at New Netherland.6 
Baptism6 May 1668He sponsored the baptism of Jacob Abrahams Mol on 6 May 1668 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York, New York.8 
14 July 1668Christoffel Hoagland acquired real estate at New Netherland on 14 July 1668.9 
1669He was an Alderman in 1669 at New Netherland.10 
1676He received a land grant of two farm lots in 1676 at Staten Island, New YorkG.10 
Baptism2 August 1676He sponsored the baptism of Elizabeth Cregier on 2 August 1676.11 
1678He acquired 278 acres of land in 1678 at Passaic Co., New JerseyG.12 
Death*8 February 1684He died on 8 February 1684 at New York, New York.1 
Probate*11 May 1686His estate was probated on 11 May 1686 the Court of Record, New YorkG.13 


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