Andrew Ford1

#9738, (circa 1620 - 4 March 1693)
Relationship8th great-grandfather of William David Lewis


Ellen Lovell b. c 1627, d. bt 1683 - 1693
Children 1.Mary Ford+8 (s 1647/48 - 1715)
 2. James Ford+1 (c 1649 - )
 3.Andrew Ford Jr.8 (s 1649/50 - 1725)
 4.Joseph Ford8 (s 1652/53 - )
 5.Samuel Ford8 (1656 - 1711)
 6.Nathaniel Ford8 (1658 - )
 7.Ebenezer Ford8 (1660 - b 1695/96)
 8.Silence Ford8 (1661 - )
 9.Prudence Ford+8 (1663 - 1695)
 10.Jacob Ford8 (1665 - b 1692/93)
 11.Elizabeth Ford8 (1667 - )
 12.Israel Ford8 (1670 - 1736)
 13.Sarah Ford8 (1672 - a 1735)
Birth*circa 1620He was born circa 1620 at EnglandG; "undoubtedly."1 
between 26 October 1642 and 21 May 1644He held real estate at Weymouth, Norfolk (then Suffolk) Co., MassachusettsG, as reported sometime between 26 October 1642 and 21 May 1644.2 
Marriage*circa 1646He married Ellen Lovell, daughter of Robert Lovell and Elizabeth _____, circa 1646.3,1 
3 April 1651In Robert Lovell's will dated 3 April 1651, Andrew Ford was named as an heir as son-in-law.4 
3 May 1654He was admitted as a Freeman on 3 May 1654 at Weymouth, Massachusetts.5 
29 October 1678He took the oath of allegiance to Charles II on 29 October 1678 at Massachusetts.6 
25 February 1692He left a will on 25 February 1692.7 
Death*4 March 1693He died on 4 March 1693 at Hingham, Plymouth Co., MassachusettsG.1 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis (#1)
Ancestors of William D. Lewis (#2)


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