Some Early Photographs

Mary Christine Collection

MCL II Binder_018
MCL II Binder_019
MCL II Binder_020
MCL II Binder_022 LEWIS Brenda
MCL II Binder_023
MCL II Binder_024
MCL II Binder_025
MCL II Binder_026
MCL II Binder_027
MCL II Binder_028
MCL II Binder_029
MCL II Binder_030 Timmy 1 year
MCL II Binder_031
MCL II Binder_032
MCL II Binder_033
MCL II Binder_034
MCL II Binder_035
MCL II Binder_036
MCL II Binder_037
MCL II Binder_038
MCL II Binder_039
MCL II Binder_040
MCL II Binder_041
MCL II Binder_042 MEEK Jean Coshocton HS
MCL II Binder_043
MCL II Binder_044 14a John Derrington Mt Vernon regrupe
MCL II Binder_045 Mary when she was baby Quincy IL
MCL II Binder_046
MCL II Binder_047 Mary when she was baby Quincy IL.
MCL II Binder_048 Arrow Photo 838
MCL II Binder_049 Arrow Photo 838
MCL II Binder_050 038
MCL II Binder_051 787
MCL II Binder_052 655
MCL II Binder_053 052
MCL II Binder_054 052
MCL II Binder_055
MCL II Binder_056 787
MCL II Binder_057 655
MCL II Binder_058
MCL II Binder_059A couple of spoons
MCL II Binder_060 her and mother
MCL II Binder_061
MCL II Binder_062
MCL II Binder_063
MCL II Binder_064
MCL II Binder_065 Mary Christine Lewis and Wanda Lee Hess
MCL II Binder_066 475
MCL II Binder_067 Me not so good 435
MCL II Binder_068
MCL II Binder_069
MCL II Binder_070
MCL II Binder_071
MCL II Binder_072
MCL II Binder_073
MCL II Binder_074
MCL II Binder_075
MCL II Binder_076
MCL II Binder_077 2mo 15; 13 lb 9 oz
MCL II Binder_078
MCL II Binder_079 printed in Evansville
MCL II Binder_080
MCL II Binder_081
MCL II Binder_082
MCL II Binder_083
MCL II Binder_084 Mary Christine
MCL II Binder_085
MCL II Binder_086
MCL II Binder_087
MCL II Binder_088 Nell holding Mary Bill sic
MCL II Binder_089
MCL II Binder_090
MCL II Binder_091
MCL II Binder_092 x10
MCL II Binder_093
MCL II Binder_094
MCL II Binder_095
MCL II Binder_096
MCL II Binder_097
MCL II Binder_098 my mother and father
MCL II Binder_099 Bill Lewis Nell with the csars hat on your Mother and Daddy
MCL II Binder_100 Jim TremperQM spQM Aunt Esther Mother Father
MCL II Binder_101
MCL II Binder_102 carte postale
MCL II Binder_103 Mother Uncle Lee
MCL II Binder_104 me and Grandpa Bridges
MCL II Binder_105 Fern M Bridges; Nelle B
MCL II Binder_106 Mother Pop
MCL II Binder_107 Pop
MCL II Binder_108 bk row c hat on back of head Pop; middle front row Mother; Aunt Esther
MCL II Binder_109 Grandma B; Grandpa B; Uncle Lee; Aunt Edna; QM; Mother
MCL II Binder_110 Pop
MCL II Binder_111 Uncle Lee QM; middle Mother; Pop
MCL II Binder_112 Pop in uniform
MCL II Binder_113
MCL II Binder_114
MCL II Binder_115
MCL II Binder_116
MCL II Binder_117
MCL II Binder_118
MCL II Binder_119
MCL II Binder_120 Charley Carmon; Danl POSS Winternhxxxx; Ethel Derrington
MCL II Binder_121
MCL II Binder_122
MCL II Binder_123 me Gloria Derrington on Columbia Street; printed 6 May 1983 Evansville
MCL II Binder_124
MCL II Binder_125 Darlene Mabel Lewis age 3 months
MCL II Binder_126 Delmar Derrington Family
MCL II Binder_127 Naty Lewis Long Beach Calif
MCL II Binder_128 Nellie Bridges; Blanche Lenn; Eva Brown
MCL II Binder_129
MCL II Binder_130 partial Alan Tolden Neff; xxfield Hospital
MCL II Binder_131 taken at Nells house the house she died
MCL II Binder_132
MCL II Binder_133
MCL II Binder_134 292
MCL II Binder_135 Nell printed Aug 1935 Evansville
MCL II Binder_136 Nell
MCL II Binder_137 D2
MCL II Binder_138 D8
MCL II Binder_139 252 printed 18 Jul 1945 Evansville
MCL II Binder_140 252 printed 18 Jul 1945 Evansville
MCL II Binder_141 252 printed 18 Jul 1945 Evansville
MCL II Binder_142 252 printed 18 Jul 1945 Evansville
MCL II Binder_143 253 printed 18 Jul 1945 Evansville
MCL II Binder_144 253 printed 18 Jul 1945 Evansville
MCL II Binder_145 253 printed 18 Jul 1945 Evansville
MCL II Binder_146 Nell printed Aug 1935 Evansville
MCL II Binder_147
MCL II Binder_148
MCL II Binder_149 Darlene 6; Sharon 5; Brenda 3
MCL II Binder_150
MCL II Binder_151 Orval and Fred Lewis
MCL II Binder_152
MCL II Binder_153 Gloria Derrington on Columbia Street pprnted Apr 1952
MCL II Binder_154 Love Nat 220K
MCL II Binder_155 this is Irene; Darlenie;and Bandia Sherry at School printed Mar 1953
MCL II Binder_156 Aunt Eva Belle and Jim Crunk
MCL II Binder_157 F492
MCL II Binder_158 For Mary Lewis F printed May 1949
MCL II Binder_159 Darline
MCL II Binder_160 683M
MCL II Binder_161 printed Sep 1952
MCL II Binder_162 for Mary printed in Evansville
MCL II Binder_163 Fred Lewiss 3 girls Darlene Sherry Brandy printed 1955QM
MCL II Binder_164 theis was taken 5 years ago out in country by our car
MCL II Binder_165 Gloria S; Sonjia Stevens; Mother Derrington; taken out in front of house 1961
MCL II Binder_166 E903
MCL II Binder_167
MCL II Binder_168 not recent; we havent changed; Lee is thinner
MCL II Binder_169
MCL II Binder_170Aunt Edith Eva Belle Lewis your Daddy sisters
MCL II Binder_171 Millie age 7
MCL II Binder_172
MCL II Binder_173 Millie age 15 Jun 1952
MCL II Binder_174
MCL II Binder_175 Millie age 7
MCL II Binder_176 Millie starting out for square dancing
MCL II Binder_177 Millie 10 Feb 1957 entering Girl Scouts