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RelationshipGrandmother of Joseph Patrick Francis Hartnett


_____ Hartnett b. s 1790
Children 1.Bridget Hartnett3
 2.Joseph F Hartnett+4 (1823 - 1894)
She was a witness On the parents of Joseph F Hartnett. The only possible family of the immigrant Joseph found thus far is in Co. Cork, Cloyne Diocese. It is certainly possible that Joseph found his way to Limerick City, just over 100 km or 60 miles from Carrigtwohill (also spelled Carrigtohill). The research is continuing.
On 21 Feb 1811, in the Diocese of Coyne, Co. Cork (the parish may have been Cloyne, Churchtown or Kilteskin), Bartholomew Hartnet [ID 16151] and Honor Kennedy [ID 16152] were married. Both were listed as of "Carrigwowel." The witnesses were James O'Donnell and Willliam O'Donnell. The officiator was the Rt. Rev. D. Coppinger.
The Baptism Register of Carrigtwohill Parish in the Diocese of Cloyne has the following entries for the children of Bartholomew Hartnett and Norry Kennedy (with spelling variants):
Patrick, baptized 30 Jan 1820.
Joseph, baptized 5 May 1823 (which date fits within the 1820-1824 range from other records).
Bartholomew, baptized 8 Sep 1828.
Maurice, baptized 24 Jul 1832.
The only sponsor with the name Hartnett was "Cate" for Maurice.
As well as the geographic hurdle, this link does not account for two other individuals. Bridget Hartnett was a witness for the marriage of Joseph and Anne Gleeson in Limerick (1851), and Margaret (or Mary) was a sponsor for the baptisms, both in Limerick, of two of their children - Ellen (in 1855) and the first Michael (in 1861). No record for Bridget or Margaret has been found in the Cloyne Diocese records. with Joseph F Hartnett.1,2 
Marriage*She married _____ Hartnett, son of ____ Hartnett, at IrelandG
Her married name was Hartnett. 
ChartsAncestors of Joseph P. Hartnett


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