Josiah Bridges

#784, (1650 - 9 February 1715)
Relationship5th great-grandfather of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Edmund Bridges (1612 - 1684/85)
Mother*Elizabeth Manwaring (bt 1618 - 1620 - 1664)
The Essex Institute, Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, XXXVI:69, article "Boxford town Records, 1685-1706"

Family 1

Elizabeth Norton b. c 1654, d. 1677

Family 2

Ruth Greenslip b. 1659, d. b 1724
Children 1.Ruth Bridges+13 (bt 1679 - 1681 - )
 2.Josiah Bridges Jr+ (1680 - bt 1753 - 1754)
 3.Anne Bridges7 (1684 - )
 4.Edmund Bridges+7 (1687 - )
 5.Mary Bridges+14 (1695/96 - )
 6.Mercy Bridges15 (c 1699 - )
 7.Hepzibah Bridges16 (1703 - )
Birth*1650He was born in 1650 at Rowley, Essex Co., MassachusettsG; lived in Ipswich, Boxford and Topsfield.1 
Marriage*13 November 1675He married Elizabeth Norton, daughter of George Norton and Mary _____, on 13 November 1675 at Ipswich, Essex Co., MassachusettsG; or 1676 (in VRIM.)2,3,4 
Marriage*19 September 1677He married Ruth Greenslip, daughter of Thomas Greenslade and Ann Poynter, on 19 September 1677 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.3,5,6 
before 1680He and Ruth Greenslip removed to Boxford, Massachusetts, before 1680 Boxford.7 
6 January 1684/85In Edmund Bridges's will dated 6 January 1684/85, Josiah Bridges was named as an heir.8,9 
1695He was a surveyor in 1695 at Boxford, Essex Co., MassachusettsG.7 
12 March 1694/95He was chosen as surveyer of highways on 12 March 1694/95 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.10 
1699He was a juror of trials in 1699 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.7 
12 March 1699/0He was chosen as selectman on 12 March 1699/0 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.11 
Death*9 February 1715He died on 9 February 1715 at Wenham, Essex Co., MassachusettsG.12 
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


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    I Edmond Bridges being of perfect memorie and good understanding, yet by
    Reason of my weakeness of bodie and manie infermities often prevailing
    upon me, doo desire to com~end my soule in to the hands of my Blessed
    Redeemer Jesus Christ, in hope a happy Resurection,
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    discease, and all my debts be discharged, my estate be disposed of as
    followeth First I have alreadie given to my all my Children but Mary fair
    portions as was [crossed out] sutaable and convenient into my estate to _____
    of, but as an adition I give unto John Bridges my Rapier unto Josiah
    Bridges I give my Musquit unto Fayth Bridges I give a pewter platter
    marked with E B A, unto Bothiah Bridges the fellow or other pewtter
    plates with the same markes, which things my will is, that they be
    delivered unto the parties before mentioned Att my house upon there
    demand, imediately after my discease.

    Unto my Daughter Mary I give twentie pounds, that is to say a Cow shee
    calls her owne, a fether bed and what beding can conveniently be spared
    with it, And the rest to be made up in such household stuffe as my
    wife shall soo cause to supply her with.

    And my will further is that my beloved wife Mary Bridges shall have
    the res of the whole of my estate undispossed of During the time of
    her life if she remains a widdow, But if shee should marry after
    my discease she shall then have ten pounds payed unto her.

    I Doe allso will, that if my afforesaid wife Mary Bridges should
    marry, or otherwayes at the time of her Discease, that all the
    Remainder of my Estate then left shall be Equallie divided between
    John Bridges my sonne, my sonne Josiah Bridges, my Daughter Fayth
    Bridges Alias Black Bethiah Bridges Alias Peabodie and Mary Bridges
    And I doe hereby Constitute and ordaine my Beloved wife Mary Bridges
    and my sonne John Bridges to be my Executors, in order unto the
    performance of this my last will and testament And I doe desire
    Captn Daniel Epps with Leiftenant John Appleton to be the overseers for
    the fulfilling of this my will, whereunto I have sett my hand and
    seale this 6th of January 1684.

    Signed sealed and delivered [signature and seal of Edmund Bridges]
    in the presence of us
    Daniel Epps
    Edmund ____               The _____________
                        between ye 8th & 9th line
                        from ye top viz, but Mary,
                        was entered before ye
                        perfecting hereof
    Will proved at Court of Ipswich March 30: 85, Proved
    by the Executor to be the last Will & Testament of Edmon Bridges
    by the oath of Mary Bridges, Relect, & John Bridges sone to
    Ed. Bridges to the Best of the there knowledge that he was of a disposing mind
    at the same time.                    Attor. John Appleton ____.
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