John Hesson

#790, (1781 - 1861)
Relationship2nd great-grandfather of Nelle Belle Bridges


Sarah Simpson b. 1791, d. b 1861
Children 1.Benjamin Hesson+16 (1807 - 1888)
 2.Elizabeth Hesson+17 (1809 - 1895)
 3.John Hesson Jr+18 (c 1813 - 1880)
 4.Nancy Hesson+19 (c 1820 - 1851)
 5.Gideon S. Hesson+20 (c 1822 - )
 6.Samuel W. Hesson+21 (c 1822 - b 1850)
 7.Margaret Hesson+20 (c 1823 - 1870)
 8.Alfred M Hesson+20 (c 1826 - b 1870)
 9.William C. Hesson+20 (c 1828 - b 1881)
 10.Thomas Hesson20 (c 1834 - b 1860)
 11.Hannah Hesson20 (c 1838 - b 1860)
Though the relationship of John Hesson, of Campbell Co. KY and Spencer Co. IN, as a son of Wendel Hesson of Frederick Co. MD is reported, it apparently cannot be true based on the probate records of Frederick Co. MD. The son of Wendel probably died shortly after the will of his father was made in 1824, in Frederick Co. He is mentioned in the will (and named co-executor) in 1824 (when this John was in KY), and the probate record of 1825, as John, deceased (with "?" added), and Peter as the only executor. Still, the record does show that this John was b. in MD. Was he named as executor in 1824 when he had removed to Kentucky by 1807? Improbable, but not impossible (the "?").
Perhaps the clues lie in the names of the children. The second daughter is Nancy, poss. for Sarah's mother. And perhaps the other parents' names are Benjamin, Elizabeth and John (though Benjamin is also the name of Sarah's brother.)1 
Birth*1781He was born in 1781 at MarylandG; (several census records.)2,3 
20 April 1791He appeared on the census of 20 April 1791 in the household of Wendel Hesson and Catherine Hull at Frederick Co., MarylandG, [this is most probably not this John no. 790]; (poss; nei. Baltzer; sheet 202 has Frederick Heffner and Frederick Jr; sheet 203 has Michael Heffner and Michael Jr; count begins on sheet 156.)4 
Marriage*1 January 1807He married Sarah Simpson, daughter of ____ Simpson and Nancy _____, on 1 January 1807 at Campbell Co., KentuckyG; ( has marriage contract signed 1 Oct 1808, marr. 24 Oct 1808 by Rev. Thomas Kyle.)5,6 
1809He appeared on the census of 1809 at Bank/Licking Watercourse, Campbell Co., KentuckyG; (nei. Benjamin Simpson, 100 acres, Bank/Licking. The Licking River flows into the Ohio River south of Cincinnati. Banklick Creek flows into the Licking River east of Winston Park, KY. Note: in 1809, Campbell County included today's Kenton (1840) County.)7 
1810He and Sarah Simpson appeared on the census of 1810 at Campbell Twp., Campbell Co., KentuckyG; (nei. Elison Williams.)8 
7 August 1820He and Sarah Simpson appeared on the census of 7 August 1820 at Covington, Campbell Co., KentuckyG; (nei. Ignatious Simpson.)9 
circa 1827He and Sarah Simpson removed to IndianaG circa 1827 from Kentucky.10 
1830He and Sarah Simpson appeared on the census of 1830 at Grass Twp., Spencer Co., IndianaG; (head of hh ordered by first letter of surname.)11 
1 August 1839John Hesson acquired real estate at Spencer Co., IndianaG, on 1 August 1839 from the Vincennes land offfice of 40 acres.12 
1840He and Sarah Simpson appeared on the census of 1840 at Spencer Co., IndianaG; (neis. son John and Nancy, img. 3; dau. Nancy and John Tuley; dau. Elizabeth and David Woods; Silas Brown (30-39) with wife, 5 dau; Benj Hesson; Benj. Ward and Ann Simpson.)13 
4 September 1850He and Sarah Simpson appeared on the census of 4 September 1850 at Jackson Twp., Spencer Co., IndianaG; (neis. son Alfred, fam. 282; son Benj., fam. 281; Sarah's poss. bro. Benjamin, fam. 264; dau. Margaret and Abraham Brand, fam. 245; dau. Nancy and John Tuley, fam. 263.)2 
20 August 1860He and Sarah Simpson appeared on the census of 20 August 1860 at Jackson Twp., Spencer Co., IndianaG; (neis. Alfred and America Hesson, fam. 1212; Gideon and Jemima Hesson, fam. 1213; Silas Bridges, fam. 1210.)3 
5 September 1861He left a will on 5 September 1861 at Spencer Co., IndianaG.14
Death*1861He died in 1861 at Spencer Co., IndianaG.1 
Probate*19 October 1861His estate was probated on 19 October 1861 at Spencer Co., IndianaG.15 
1790 US Census for MD for Hesson (with no. in HH): Baltzer (9 in household), Wendle (12), both of Frederick; John Hason (7), Talbot; Alexander Hassan (3), Cecil; Benjamin Hasson (6), Cecil.
1800 US Census for MD for Hesson (no. in HH): Valentine [Wendel] (12), Balser (11), both of Taney, Frederick; John Hassen (7), Baltimore
1810 US Census for Hesson (no. in HH): B (5), B (12), J (4), J (7), Wm (7), all of Frederick
1820 US Census for Hesson (no. in HH): Jacob (7), Abraham (11), Baltzer (8), Balzer (7), Daniel (6), Daniel (2), Peter (6), Wendel (4), all in Taney; William (6), Baltimore.1 
ChartsAncestors of Nelle Belle Bridges


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    Bequeaths to son Alfred M Hesson the farm on which he lives, being the W ½ of the SW ¼ of Section 23, Twp. 5 S, Range 6 W.
    Bequeaths to son John Hesson: (1) the SE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 22, Twp. 5 S, Range 6 W together with the NE ¼ of the SE ¼ of Section 22, Twp. 5 S, Range 6 W, altogether eighty acres; (2) the SW ¼ of the SW ¼ of Section 14, Twp. 5 S, Range 6 W, except eight acres off the north side of said tract extending east to west, containing thirty-two acres.
    Bequeaths to son Gideon M Hesson the eight acres excepted from the land bequeathed to John Hesson, and one mare.
    Bequeaths to daughters Margaret Brand, Elizabeth Wood and Nancy Tuley certain livestock and all of the household and kitchen furniture.
    Bequeaths to son Benjamin Hesson $200, to be paid by son Wm. C Hesson.
    Bequeaths to grandsons Franklin and Samuel Hesson, sons of Samuel Hesson, deceased, $200 each, to be paid by Alfred M Hesson.
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