Syngeneia is a compilation of the work from many sources. Every attempt is made to provide proper sourcing for all facts but source surety is not evaluated. The owner welcomes any corrections, additions or comments.

Living persons are excluded and, where the date of death has not been recorded, each person is assumed to be living if born less than one hundred years ago.

Surnames are spelled as usually found in official records and significant variants are also included. Syngeneia attempts to be consistent in the spelling of surnames within each generation.

Remember that events recorded in town and church records did not necessarily take place in that location.

Burial records, when possible, are taken from photographs of grave markers or cemetery transcripts. Contributor remarks are prefaced with "Narrative" and have not been verified.

Census record citations do not include details such as enuneration district, sheet number, page number and family number. These are all available on request using the Compiler link below.