Dennis Donovan1

#835, (1851 - 28 April 1894)
RelationshipUncle of Anna Margaret Donovan
Father*Florence Thomas (Fleury) Donovan1 (c 1817 - 1910)
Mother*Johanna Carroll1 (1821 - 1882)


Elizabeth Tymon b. c 1859, d. 1938
Children 1.Joanna Donovan+12 (1887 - 1959)
 2.James Patrick Donovan+9 (1888 - 1948)
 3.Joanna2 Donovan13 (c 1889 - 1890)
 4.Mary Donovan14 (1889 - 1891)
 5.Lawrence Edward Donovan+15 (1891 - 1977)
 6.Lilian Ursula Elizabeth Donovan16 (1893 - 1967)
Birth registers have:
Joanna, b. Feb 1887
James, b. Jan 1888
Mary, b, Jun 1889
Joanna, b. Mar 1889
Lawrence, b. Feb 1891
Lillian, b. Jan 1893
There is a death record for Joanna, d. Sep 1890, age 1y 6m (i.e., b. ca. Feb/Mar 1889)
Evidently, the births are self-reported by either the parents or the doctor, and/or some are transcriptions of original records (see Johanna in 1887, one register has father James, another has Dennis, both have mother Bessie Timon). So, there are errors.
The earliest census is 1900, Bessie having 6 children, 4 living, to wit:
Joanna, b. Jan 1887
James P, b. Jan 1888
Lawrence, b. Feb 1891
Lilian, b. Jan 1893
The same data is given in the 1910 census.
In 1920, there are James P, Lawrence and Lillian as step-children, as well as Marion, age 17, and John, age 16, named Donovan and as step-children. This is corrected in 1930 where Marion and John are named McDonough, dau. and son.
Also in 1920, there is Josephine Carrigg, age 31, wid., and her dau. Anna, age 5m. They also appear in the 1930 census. There is a 1918 marr. record for John Carrig and Josephine Donovan, age 28, dau. of Dennis Donovan and Elizabeth Timan.
The conclusion is that Mary d. young, and that the surviving Joanna of 1900 and 1910 is actually Josephine, b. 1887.2 
1851He appeared on the census of 1851 in the household of Florence Thomas (Fleury) Donovan and Johanna Carroll at Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG, age 5 months; (neis. FitsGerald, Corbit, Canady, Dillihunt, Pat'k Hennessey, Odonnel, Carrol.)3
Birth*1851He was born in 1851 at Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.1,4 
1861He appeared on the census of 1861 in the household of Florence Thomas (Fleury) Donovan and Johanna Carroll at Moncton, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG, age 10; nei. William and Norah (Donovan) Hogan.5
1871He appeared on the census of 1871 in the household of Florence Thomas (Fleury) Donovan and Johanna Carroll at Moncton, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG, age 20; (neis. William and Nora Hogan; Denis and Catherine Hogan.)6 
1881He appeared on the census of 1881 in the household of Florence Thomas (Fleury) Donovan and Johanna Carroll at Moncton City, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG, age 30.7 
Baptism7 March 1886He, MAry Ann's first cousin, sponsored the baptism of her son Francis Wiseman Kiley on 7 March 1886 at St. Francis de Sales Church, Roxbury, Massachusetts.8 
Marriage*18 July 1886He married Elizabeth Tymon, daughter of Patrick Tymon and Bridget "Bessie" O'Connell, on 18 July 1886 at Boston, Massachusetts.9,10
Death*28 April 1894He died on 28 April 1894 at Quincy, Massachusetts.11 


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