Abilene Belding1

#1975, (circa February 1755 - circa 1854)
Relationship3rd great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*Ebenezer Belding2 (1714 - 1793)
Mother*Hannah Nash2 (1716 - )


Vespasian Phillips b. 1748/49, d. b 1822
Children 1.Vespasion Phillips Jr+12 (c 1773 - )
 2.Samuel Phillips+12 (c 1773 - )
 3.Ebenezer Phillips+12 (bt 1773 - 1795 - )
 4.Pitts Phillips12 (bt 1773 - 1795 - )
 5.Deliah Phillips12 (bt 1773 - 1795 - )
 6.Abilena Phillips+12 (1776 - 1854)
 7.Ruth Phillips+2 (1779 - 1842)
 8.Elisha Phillips+12 (1786 - 1845)
Birth and/or death dates wrong, suggest age of 104. 
She is numbered in The Nash Family genealogy as 297 - VII.3 
Her married name was Phillips.1 
Birth*circa February 1755She was born circa February 1755 at Deerfield, Hampshire (now Franklin) Co., MassachusettsG.4,5,2 
Baptism2 March 1755She was baptized on 2 March 1755 at First Congregational Church, Deefield, Hampshire (now Franklin) Co., Massachusetts Bay ProvinceG.4 
1766She was in the household of Ebenezer Belding at Ashfield, Franklin Co., MassachusettsG, in 1766.6 
Marriage*7 May 1772She married Vespasian Phillips, son of Richard Phillips and Ruth Pitts, on 7 May 1772 at Franklin Co., MassachusettsG.1 
1790She and Vespasian Phillips appeared on the census of 1790 at Ashfield, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG; (unk. m <16; neis. Richard Phillips, Spencer Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Samuel Anabel; Smith, Yeoman, Alden, Gay, Whittemore, Wait.)7
between 1799 and 1805She was an early settler in Sempronius (later also Niles), New York between 1799 and 1805; the early settlement of Sempronius (later also Niles), New York.8 
1800She and Vespasian Phillips appeared on the census of 1800 at Sempronius, Cayuga Co., New YorkG; (poss. report for Vespasian Jr. based on ages of children); neis. Chase, Atkins, Crippin, Tupper; Asahel Phillips p. 672, ln. 20; John Ellis Jr. and Abilena p. 672, ln. 25.9 
Death*circa 1854She died circa 1854 at Niles, Cayuga Co., New YorkG.10 
No primary sources for the children of Vespasian and Abilene have been found so far. Biographical Sketches of Richard Ellis is the only secondary source naming them, on pages 111 and 383, as the parents of Abilena, who married John Ellis, Jr. From that book, on page 156, we also learn that Elisha (and by inference, Ebenezer) were Abilena's brothers, in the accounts of their journey from New York State to Indiana. In addition, we can be certain that Ruth is the sister of Abilena, Elisha and Ebenezer, as she and her husband, Rufus Johnson, followed these three to Posey County, Indiana. Next, in 1805, Vespasian conveyed one-half of a 100 acre parcel in Sempronius NY to Samuel Phillips, from which we can deduce that they were father and son. Finally, the 1810 U. S. census in Sempronius has both "Vespatian Phillips," age over 45, and "Vespatian Phillips 2nd," age 26 to 44. While "2nd" may also mean "the younger" e.g., a nephew) as well as "junior" in early census reports, it is likely that this younger Vespasian is the son of Vespasian and Abilene. This still leaves Pitts and Delilah unaccounted for.11 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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