Leander Johnson1

#1989, (8 May 1806 - September 1859)
RelationshipGreat-granduncle of William David Lewis
Father*Rufus Johnson1 (1779 - 1842)
Mother*Ruth Phillips1 (1779 - 1842)


Susan Hart b. c 1804
Birth*8 May 1806He was born on 8 May 1806 at Sempronius, Cayuga Co., New YorkG.1 
1810He appeared on the census of 1810 in the household of Rufus Johnson and Ruth Phillips at Sempronius, Cayuga Co., New YorkG; (neis. Vespasion Phillips and Samuel Phillips, David Johnson.)2
7 August 1820He appeared on the census of 7 August 1820 in the household of Rufus Johnson and Ruth Phillips at Sempronius, Cayuga Co., New YorkG; (nei. Samuel Phillips.)3
circa 1822He removed with Rufus Johnson and Ruth Phillips to Farmersville, Posey Co., IndianaG, circa 1822, where Ruth's brother Elisha, his wife and many of his wife's family had settled in 1818–1819.4,5,6,1 
Marriage*19 October 1828He married Susan Hart on 19 October 1828 at Posey Co., IndianaG.7,8 
21 August 1850He and Susan Hart appeared on the census of 21 August 1850 at Black Twp., Posey Co., IndianaG; (nei. Wm. Hart (44), wood chopper, b. VA.)9 
Death*September 1859He died in September 1859 at Bowling Green, Kentucky, at age 53.8,10,11 


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