William Gibbons1

#10141, ( - before 2 December 1655)
Relationship8th great-granduncle of William David Lewis
Father*____ Gibbons1
Mother*____ _____1


Ursula _____ d. a 1654/55
Children 1.Mary Gibbons6 (a 1636/37 - )
 2.Sarah Gibbons6 (a 1636/37 - )
Marriage*He married Ursula _____.2 
1636He and Elizabeth Gibbons migrated to New EnglandG in 1636.3 
26 February 1654/55He left a will on 26 February 1654/55 at Hartford, Connecticut, (Luke Hitchcock, witness.)4 
Death*before 2 December 1655He died before 2 December 1655 at Connecticut.5 
Inventory*2 December 1655His estate was inventoried by John White, Andrew Bacon, Nathaniel Ward on 2 December 1655 at Connecticut.5 


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    From this we can assume that William Gibbons's sister, Elizabeth, traveled with him to New England, or, less probably, shortly after him.
    1"George Wyllys or Wyllis (1590 – 9 March 1645) served for a year (1642–1643) as one of the early governors of the Connecticut Colony.
    George Wyllys was born 1589 or 1590 at the manor of Fenny Compton, Warwickshire, England, the son of Richard and Hester (Chambers) Willis....
    A man of considerable wealth, he sent his steward, William Gibbons, along with twenty domestics and indentured servants, to Hartford in 1636 to purchase lands and oversee building of a house.
    Source: https://ctstatelibrary.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/….
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    I, William Gibbins, of Hartford, upon ye River of Connecticutt, yeoman, being of perfect memory and soundness of mind, — make and ordayne this my last will & testament :
    Imp. I give unto my wife Ursula Gibbons her full thirds of ye proffitts, rents and revenues of all my houses & Lands in Hartford, Wethersfield & Pequett, during her naturall lyfe, except A prsell of swamp bought of Robert Bates, lying in Wethersfield, & a prcell of Land lying in Pennywise, which I bequeath by this my will as followes:
    As alsoe I give and bequeathe unto my wife Ursula the whole proffits & revenues of ye foresd houses & Landes, viz., the whole of my houses & landes in Wethersfield both of ye East & West side of ye river, untill my daughter Mary Gibbons shall be married or untill shee bee of ye age of eighteen years ; Alsoe the whole of my houses & Landes at Hartford & Pequett, until my daughter Sarah shall bee married or 18 years of age; (and after this age) my will is that my sd wyfe shall yet have Interest in the free and full use of one of the sellers, the Parlor & ye roomes over the Parlor, for & during her naturall life, as also her thirds of ye orchard & Garden, I give to my daughter Mary Gibbons, at her Marriadge or at 18 years of age, the full & sole propriety in all my Houses & Lands in Weathersfield, both on ye East and west side of ye River, to bee to her and her heirs forever. Except the thirds of ye Revenewes or Rents of yt to her mother during her life & ye prsell of Swampe bought of Robt Bates & the Land at Pennywise, wch sd. thirds given to her Mother shall after her decease be to my sd. daughter Mary & her heirs forever.
    Item. I give unto my daughter Sarah Gibbons, at her marridge or when shee shall attayne ye age of 18 years, the full & sole Propriety in all my Houses & Lands at Hartford & Pequett, to bee to her & her heirs forever, except the one thirds of ye profitts & revenewes thereof unto my sd. wife Ursula during her naturall lyfe, & ye Use of ye Seller, the parlor, & ye Roomes above ye Parlor, wch after her decease shall bee to my sd. daughter Sarah & her heirs forever.
    Ite. I give & bequeath unto my daughter Mary one third part & to my daughter Sarah one third & to my wyfe one third of all my Goods, Chattells, debts & other moveables, both within dores & without, my just debts & legesies beeinge discharged. My will is, that the one third part of those foresd goods & debts shall bee to my wyfe's proper use & dispose as her owne propr estate ; And for ye twoe thirds of ye aforesd goods, I give unto my twoe daughters to bee to ym & ye heirs for ever, to bee improved by ye advise of my overseers for ym until they attayne ye foresd age of eighteene years or are maried ; And if Eyther of my sd Daughters depart this lyfe before they bee married or atayne ye age of eighteen years, — then my will is that ye estate given to yt daughter that soe deseaseth shalbee Inioyd by (that) child yt Survives ; & if eyther of ym depart this lyfe after they are Married, & have noe Issue, then ye one halfe of ye estate given to yt sd daughter shalbee to her husband & ye other halfe to my survivinge childe.
    Item. My will further is, that when ye providence of God shall despose of my daughters for marridge, that then they shall consult wth their mother & my overseers herein.
    Item. My will is to give to my brothers Richard, Jon & Thomas Gibbons, in England, twenty shillings a peece, & to ye Children wch are liveinge at my decease lo Shillings apeece.
    Item. I give to my sister Hidgcoke £5 wch shee shal inioy while shee lives & dispose of yt to yt Child shee sees most deserveing. I give to the Children of my sister Hidgcocke wch are liveinge at my decease the sum of £15 to be equally divided amongst ym.
    Item. I give to my bro. Hidgcocke one sute & Coate of weareinge Apparrell.
    Item. I give his son Jno Hidgcocke one prsell of Swampe, about 9 acres, bought of Robt Bates, lieing at Wethersfield, to him & his heirs forever. Item. I give my Land at Pennywise, nowe in ye Tennoe of Jon Sadler, towards the Mayntenance of a Lattin scoole at Hartford provided ye fence be continued in ye same Line & Way of Common fence angle as yt nowe is ; & for ye prsent, until ye Lease I have made to Jno Sadler bee expired, I give out of ye Rent due from Jno Sadler 50 Shillings yearly.
    Item. I give to my honord friend Mr. Samuel Stone £5, & to Mr. Huett of Windsor 40 Shillngs, & to Mr. Warham, Mr, Newton, Mr. James Fitch, Mr. Russell & Mr. Stoe, 20 Shillings apeece. Item. I give to Mr. Samuel Welles & Mrs Mary Welles £5 apece, & to Mr. John Moudy £3.
    Item. I give to my man Isaacke Stiles £3 in case my wyfe & Overseers or any twoe of ym thinke hime deserveing ; and to my man Henry One yearc of his time ; & alsoe I give to ye Artillery in Hartford 40 Shillings ; & for ye time of payment of these foresd. sumes by legacies I leave yt to ye descreeson of my Overseers, wthin 2, 3 or 4 years. Item. I give to my trusty & beloved friends Mr. Samuel ffitch & Richard Lord the sum of £5 apeece, whom I intreat, appoynt & ordayne to bee Overseers & Supervisors of this my last Will & Testament, intreeatenge them to bee carefull & faythfull in descharge of ye Trust comitted to ym.
    Lastly I doe appoynt my beeloved wyfe Ursula Gibbons to bee sole Executrix of this my last Will & Testament, leaveinge & comittinge the Care & Education of my Children in ye feare of God & all such other ways as may most advantage ym as they are capable of. In Witness hereunto I have sette my Hand. I leave ye Care of my comely cristian burial to my wyfe & Overseers.
    William Gibbons.
    Witness: Jasper Gunne, Luke X Hitchcock."
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