Jane Bond1

#11334, (say 1616 - after May 1683)


John Ogden b. 1609, d. 1682
Children 1.John Ogden Jr.5 (1638 - 1702)
 2.David Ogden+1 (1639/40 - b 1691/92)
 3.Jonathan Ogden5 (1639/40 - 1732)
 4.Joseph Ogden5 (1642 - b 1690)
 5.Mary Ogden6 (s 1652 - )
 6.Benjamin Ogden5 (c 1654 - 1722)
Her married name was Ogden.1 
Birth*say 1616She was born say 1616 at EnglandG.1 
Marriage*circa 1637She married John Ogden circa 1637 at EnglandG.1 
circa 1640She and John Ogden migrated to Long Island, New YorkG, from England circa 1640.2 
1665She and John Ogden removed to Elizabeth Town, New Jersey, in 1665.2 
Probate19 September 1682She was granted letters of administration of John Ogden's estate on 19 September 1682 at New Jersey.3 
Death*after May 1683She died after May 1683.4 


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