Thomas Ward1

#11368, (say 1604 - )
Father*Richard Ward1 ( - c 1635)
Mother*____ _____1
Birth*say 1604He was born say 1604 at EnglandG; child from Richard's 1st marriage, marr. with at least three children in 1635.1 
22 April 1635In Richard Ward's will dated 22 April 1635 at Stretton, Rutland, EnglandG, Thomas Ward was named as an heir as eldest son; the will also gives one ewe sheep "to every of his children."2 


  1. [S935] J. R. Hutchinson, "Ward of Connecticut: I. Widow Joice Ward of Wethersfield", New York Genealogical and Biographical Record XLIX (July 1918): 264, family group. No citation is given for Richard having a son by a first wife; it is deduced from the fact that Thomas is not named in Joyce Ward's will, though that may be because he was deceased. – (VWH).. Hereinafter cited as Ward of Connecticut: I. Widow Joice Ward of Wethersfield.
  2. [S935] J. R. Hutchinson, "Ward of Connecticut: I. Widow Joice Ward of Wethersfield", 262: "I Richard Warde of Stretton in the countie of Rutland doe constitute and make this my last will and testament in manner and form following: — I give to Thomas Warde my eldest son 20s. and to every of his children one ewe sheepe worth 6s. 8d. I give unto Edward Warde my second son my shopp with all my working tooles, all the goods in my coffer at Stamford, and £5 to be paid one month after my decease and £10 within two years, and he shall be a servant to oversee his mother's business and to have his dyet of her so long as they are pleased to dwell together; and if he shall take such a wife as his mother shall be well pleased with, my will is that he shall have my house and homestead after his mother's decease; but if he marry contrary to his mother's mind, then my will is that Anthony my third son shall have it; and if Anthony die without issue, then William my fourth son shall have it; and if William die childless, then Robert my fift son shall have it; and if Robert die childless, then John my sixt son shall have my house and homestead. I give to Anthony my third son, at his age of one and twenty, £30 and one cupbord standing in the hall, and all the sheepe that are known to be his. 1 give to William my fourth son £10 at one and twenty. I give to Robert my fift son ,£20 at one and twenty. I give to John my sixt son £20 at one and twenty. I give unto Mary Fletcher my daughter 20s., and to Mary her daughter two ewe sheepe. To the parish church at Stretton 10s. To the poor inhabitants of Stretton 10s. All other my goods I give to Jeasse my now wife, whom I make my sole executrix, and I intreat John Rowlett, William Bacon and Thomas Hibbens my neighbours to be super- visors. Dated 22 April, 1635. Mark of Richard Warde. Witnesses: William Bacon, Thomas Hibbens. Proved at London 2 October, 1635, by the oath of Joyce Warde, the relict and executrix."Citing P. C. C., Sadler, 104.