Joanna Kitchell1

#11780, (say 1637 - )
Father*Robert Kitchell1 (c 1601 - 1672)
Mother*Margaret Sheaffe1 (c 1598 - 1682)
Her married name was Peck.1 
Marriage*She married Rev. Jeremiah Peck.1 
Birth*say 1637She was born say 1637 at Kent Co., EnglandG.2 
1637She accompanied Margaret Sheaffe and Robert Kitchell in 1637 to ConnecticutG.1,3,4,5 
2 December 1679She was mentioned in the will of Margaret Sheaffe on 2 December 1679 at Fairfield Co., ConnecticutG; reference also to six unnamed children.6 


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    Earl of Marlborough, being about nineteen years of age..." The 1790 edition of the Journal has 1637, 4th month, 26th day
    According to Thomas O'Connor [see citation] the arrival was on 6 June 1637. Thephilus Eaton and Rev. John Davenport would be the leading founders of the New Haven Colony. Following a scouting expedition in August 1637, the new colonists sailed from Boston on 30 Mar 1638, and five hundred of them were present at the founding on 24 April 1638.
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