Laurentz Diel1

#11904, (say 1705 - between 1783 and 1786)


Marytje _____ b. s 1705
Child 1.Catharine Diel+1 (1735 - )
Laurentz Diel was also known as Deal.2 
Birth*say 1705He was born say 1705.2 
Marriage*He married Marytje _____.3,4 
Baptism18 December 1768He sponsored the baptism of Marytjen1 Tremper on 18 December 1768 at Dutch Reformed Church, Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., New YorkG.4 
Baptism21 July 1771He sponsored the baptism of Marytjen Tremper on 21 July 1771 at German Reformed Church, Pink's Corner, Rhinebeck Prec., Dutchess Co., New YorkG.5 
Death*between 1783 and 1786He died between 1783 and 1786 at Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., New YorkG.1 
21 June 1783He left a will on 21 June 1783 at Dutchess Co., New YorkG.6 


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    Dated June 21, 1783. Witnesses, Joseph Reichert, John Francis Ellistone, farmer; Christian Schultz.
    Proved, May 17, 1786.