Janneken Rapalje1

#12065, (5 July 1635 - )
Father*Juris Jansen Rapalje1 (s 1600 - )
Mother*Catalyntje Trico Rapalje1 (c 1605 - )
Janneken Rapalje was also known as Judith Joris.2,3 
Her married name was van Nest.1 
Birth*5 July 1635She was born on 5 July 1635 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland; bapt. not found.2 
Baptism4 November 1646She witnessed the baptism of Michiel Hansen on 4 November 1646 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.4 
Marriage*say 1652She married Pieter van Nest say 1652.1 


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