Catalyntje Bogaert1

#12100, (circa December 1657 - )
Father*Teunis Gybertsen Bogaert1
Mother*Sarah Rapalje1 (1625 - )
Her married name was Denyse.2 
Birth*circa December 1657She was born circa December 1657 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland.1 
Baptism16 December 1657She was baptized on 16 December 1657 at New Netherland.1 
Marriage*16 November 1679She married Jan Tunisen Denyse on 16 November 1679 at New YorkG.2 


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  2. [S1029] Teunis G. Bergen, The Bergen Family, 74–75. "*The children of Jan Tunisen Denyse and Catalyntje Tunisen were : Femmetje Tunisen, baptized August 8th, 1680; Tunis Tunisen, bapt. July 16th, 1682; Sara Tunisen, baptized Feb. ist, 1685 ; and Abraham Tunisen, baptized Sept. 19th, 1699. Jan Tunisen Denyse settled on the Raritan, near Somerville, N.J., where his descendants are known as Tunisens, having, like those
    of his brother Cornells, dropped the Denyse. His children were baptized on Long Island, except Abraham, who was baptized in New Jersey."