William Barnes1,2



Sarah Wilshire b. c 1620, d. 1648
Marriage*say 1641He married Sarah Wilshire, daughter of Gregory Wilshire and Joan Worrall, say 1641; her 1st.2 
19 October 1647William Barnes filed for divorce from Sarah Wilshire on 19 October 1647 at MassachusettsG; "19 (8) 1647."3,4 
6 June 1648He and Sarah Wilshire were divorced on 6 June 1648 at Boston, Massachusetts.5 


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    19 (8) 1647. Sarah Barnes of Boston the wife of Wm Barnes late of Gloucester in N E: being credibly informed of her husbands miscarriage of himselfe with another woman by whom it is reported he hath had a Bastard, but haveing not yet rec d testimonie under any Magistrats hand & he still deserting her as hath done about 3 yeares with out shewing any reasonable cause, hath therefore constituted & ordeined & by these prsents doth authorise & constitute mr Wm Tory of Waymouth in N E: her true & lawfull Att'r : giveing him full power & Authority for her & in her name to make diligent inquiry after her said husband, & whether such reports as goe abroad of his unlawfull & adulterous fellowship with another woman be true, & if uppon certaine intelligence he find it so to be then doth she hereby Authorise her sd Att'r for her & in her name & behalfe to sue out a Divorce for her there against her husband. Allowing & confirming whatsoever shalbe so acted & done by her sd Att'r : by vertue hereof. And in case there be no cause setled in the Kingdom concerning Divorces or that they cannot be procured: then to bring over such Authentick testimonie of the truth of all things as may be pcured. & also to aske demand receive of & from her husband such Competent allowance as may be judged meete for her maintenance & for her children: & if need be to sue impleade & psecute by all dues wayes & courses her said husband & to arrest seize sequestr attach &c: & generally to doe all things concerning the p'mises as effectually as if she herselfe were actuall present in her owne pson.
    In witness whereof the sd constituant &c:.
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