Benjamin Corrigan1

#13699, (circa 1813 - 13 March 1911)

Family 1

Catherine Mahoney b. 1839, d. 1864
Children 1.Frederick Corrigan15 (c 1859 - )
 2.Margaret Corrigan+16 (1861 - 1925)
 3.Mary Corrigan17 (1863 - )

Family 2

Mary Walsh b. c 1840
Benjamin Corrigan was also known as Carrigan.2 
Birth*circa 1813He was born circa 1813 at New BrunswickG.1 
Baptism24 April 1846He sponsored the baptism of William Lane on 24 April 1846 at St. Bartholomew's Church, Melrose, Botsford Par., Westmoreland Co., New BrunswickG.3 
1851He appeared on the census of 1851 at Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (neis. Margaret Lean, age 70; Daniel and Margaret Lean; Aeneas and Mary Lean.)4 
Marriage10 February 1851He witnessed the marriage of Mary Anne McKenna and John Mahoney Jr. on 10 February 1851 at St-Henri Church, Barachois, Shediac Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG, (he was a school teacher in Botsford.)5 
Marriage*12 January 1858He married Catherine Mahoney, daughter of John Mahoney Jr. and Margaret Leary, on 12 January 1858 at St-Henri Church (poss.), Barachois, Shediac Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.6,7,8 
Marriage*26 September 1864He married Mary Walsh, daughter of John Walsh and Johanna Holahan, on 26 September 1864 at Ste-Thérèse d'Avila Church, Cap-Pelé, Botsford, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.9 
1871He appeared on the census of 1871 at Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (Margaret with fam. 50, Mary with fam. 53.)10 
1881He appeared on the census of 1881 at Botsford, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (neis. John and Mary Jane Barry, fam. 324.)11 
Death*13 March 1911He died on 13 March 1911 at Melrose, Botsford, Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.12,13 
Burial*15 March 1911He was buried on 15 March 1911 at St. Bartholomew's Church Cemetery, Melrose, Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.14,13 


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