Nicholas Verleth1

#14212, (say 1624 - 1675)
Father*Caspar Verleth1 (s 1592 - 1662)
Mother*Judith Tintenier1 (s 1595 - )


Susanna Jillis b. c 1628, d. b 1656
Children 1.Abraham Verleth8 (c 1650 - )
 2.Susannah Verleth9 (c 1652 - )
Birth*say 1624He was born say 1624.1 
Marriage*circa 1648He married Susanna Jillis circa 1648.2 
16 November 1655Nicholas Verleth became Judith van Beeck's guardian on 16 November 1655.3 
Baptism14 September 1664He sponsored the baptism of Vrouwtje Claesen Kuyper on 14 September 1664 at Reformed Dutch Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland.4 
Baptism16 April 1666He sponsored the baptism of Joanna Idens Van Vorst on 16 April 1666 at Dutch Reformed Church, Bergen (now Jersey City), New Netherland.5 
Baptism5 September 1669He sponsored the baptism of Samuel Bayard on 5 September 1669 at Reformed Dutch Church, New York, New York.6 
Death*1675He died in 1675 at New JerseyG.7 
"Nicholas Varleth or Varlet, was a man of note. The first his name appears in the records of New Netherlands is December 9, 1652. From this time his success was remarkable. October 14, 1656, having lost his wife, he married Aima, the sister of Governeur Stuyvesant, and widow of Samuel Bayard. April 7, 1657, he was appointed Commissary of Imports and Exports; April 17, 1657, he was admitted to the rights of a small burgher; April 23, 1658, became ''collector," also "Farmer of Duties on Exports and Imports to and from New England and Virginia." In the same year being " an old and suitable person," he was invested with the "Great Burgher Eight," and appointed "Searcher and Inspector," and "Commissary of the Company's Stores." February 27, 1660, he was sent with Brian Newton as ambassador to Virginia, "to condole the death of Gov. Matthews, to propose a league ofiensive and defensive against the Indians, to conclude a commercial treaty, and to request permission to enlist" men for the New Netherland army (N. Y. Col. MSS.), ix. 101; was named a commissioner to agree on terms of capitulation, September 6, 1664; appointed captain of the militia in Bergen, Gamoenepan, Ahasimus, and Hooboocken, October 6, 1665; on the same day a member of the court at Bergen, and on the first of November following a member of Carteret's Council. These positions he continued to hold for several years. He died in the summer of 1675.
"In the patent from Cartaret, this tract is said to contain 276 acres. At what time Varlet obtained possession of it is not known, but it was previous to March, 1656, N. Y. Col. MSS., vi. 347. He received a patent for it, said to contain 138 morgens, February 5, 1663. He left two children, Abraham and Susanna."7 


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    The diposition of Mrs Judy Varlet the wife of Coll°. Bayard, being deposed uppon the Holy Evangelist, Saith—-—
    That now about fifty nine yeares ago the said deponant came from holland to New York then called New Amsterdam, in a certaine Ship called the Fortune; she the Deponant being then about fifteen years of age ;-—-
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