John F Skeeters1

#15289, (circa 1853 - )
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of William David Lewis
Father*Daniel P Skeeters1 (c 1831 - )
Mother*Elizabeth Utley1 (c 1832 - 1911)


Cloranda _____ b. c 1861
Children 1.Ora Vira Skeeters+7 (1880 - 1973)
 2.Delmer P Skeeters8 (1884 - )
Ora V and Delmer P Skeeters, brother and sister, are given as the children of John F Skeeters and Cloranda _____. However, in the 1910 census, both have "mother b. SC"; in 1900, both have "mother b. OH." Cloranda (in the only record found, the 1880 census) has her b. AR and parents b. OH. The siblings may be children of an unidentified son of Elizabeth Utley (unlikely) or a 2nd wife of John F (also unlikely from their birth dates; Ora was b. 2 months after the 1880 census noted above). The SC may be in error.2 
Birth*circa 1853He was born circa 1853 at Posey Co., IndianaG.1 
14 July 1860He appeared on the census of 14 July 1860 in the household of Daniel P Skeeters and Elizabeth Utley at Bethel Twp., Posey Co., IndianaG, as J F, age 7, b. IN.3 
6 August 1870He appeared on the census of 6 August 1870 in the household of David S Crunk and Elizabeth Utley at Eldorado P.O., Twp. 7 Range 7 E, Saline Co., IllinoisG, age 17, b. IN, works on farm.4 
Marriage*circa 1879He married Cloranda _____ circa 1879.5 
23 June 1880He and Cloranda _____ appeared on the census of 23 June 1880 at New Market Prec., Gallatin Co., IllinoisG; nei. mother Elizabeth Crunk, fam. 255.6 


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