___1 Strong1

#16320, (say 1629 - )
Father*Eld. John Strong1 (c 1605 - )
Mother*____ _____1 (s 1607 - a 1630)
Birth*say 1629___1 Strong was born say 1629 at EnglandG; (considered unlikely in Great Migration VI:587.)1 
1635___1 Strong accompanied Eld. John Strong and ____ _____ in 1635 (considered unlikely in Great Migration VI:587) to Massachusetts BayG.2,3 


  1. [S1023] Benjamin W. Dwight, History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong of Northampton, Mass. Vol. I, (Albany, N.Y.: Joel Munsell, 1871), I:xxvi, no name given. John Strong "married his first wife in England, who died immediately after landing in this country [30 May 1630]; leaving two young children, the youngest of which died in two months after its mother.". Hereinafter cited as Elder John Strong I.
  2. [S166] Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England (Boston, Mass.: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995-2011), VI:581-588 (entry for John Strong).
  3. [S1023] Benjamin W. Dwight, Elder John Strong I, I:15. On the Mary & John, departing England 20 Mar 1630 and landing at Natasket in the Massachusetts Bay on 30 May 1630. Later research disagrees, but this is the version of his migration given (reportedly) by Caleb Strong in 1777, and published by Edward Strong in 1869 (Great Migration VI:566-587).