Martino Barichievich1

Father*Augustinus Barichievich1


Maria Bussanich
Child 1.Marco Barichievich+2 (1849 - 1943)
Marriage*He married Maria Bussanich, daughter of Marco Bussanich.1 


  1. [S1534] Roman Catholic Church (Veli Lošinj, Croatia), Metrical books, 1774-1918, online Veli Lošinj & Mali Lošinj, Croatia Christenings, 1821-1888, compiled by Barabara Starkey. Marcus Barichievich, b. 17 Dec 1849, son of Martinus Barichievich and Maria Bussanich, both res. house no. 208; paternal grandfather Augustinus, maternal grandfather Marcus; chris. Veli Lošinj, 20 Dec 1849.
  2. [S1534] R.C. Church (Veli Lošinj, Croatia), Metrical Books, online, Veli Lošinj & Sveti Petar, Croatia Register of Parishioners, 1774-1918, compiled by Barabara Starkey. Regina Grego Barichievich, b. 29 Sep 1852, res. Veli Lošinj Primorje-Gorski Croatia, house no. 400; spouse Marco Barichievich, b. 17 Dec 1849, son of Martino Barichievich. Also record as house no. 397.