Hieronymus Klein1



Maria Margareta _____
Children 1.Anna Amalia Klein+3 (c 1698 - )
 2.___1 Schramm2 (b 1710 - )
 3.___2 Schramm2 (b 1710 - )
Marriage*He married Maria Margareta _____.2 
before 1709He and Maria Margareta _____ lived before 1709 at Flommersfeld (near Neuwied), Sayn-Hachenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (now)G.3 
Baptism22 November 1720He sponsored the baptism of Hieronymus Schramm on 22 November 1720 at Claverack, Columbia (then Albany) Co., New YorkG.4 
Baptism25 November 1725He sponsored the baptism of Maria Schramm on 25 November 1725 at Newtown (now West Camp), Ulster Co., New YorkG.5,1 


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