Leuntje Miggielse1

#18144, (say 1677 - )


Coenraedt Hartje b. c 1673
Her married name was Hartje.1 
Birth*say 1677She was born say 1677 at Zeeland, NetherlandsG.1 
Marriage*31 December 1698She married Coenraedt Hartje, son of Hans Jacobsen Hartje and Geertie Lamberts Mol, on 31 December 1698 at Dutch Reformed Church, Hackensack, New Jersey.1 


  1. [S1316] Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Hackensack and Schraalenburgh, New Jersey, 1686-1802. 2 parts (New York: Holland Society, 1891), I:12. Koenraedt Hanse, y. m., b. on the Bowery, and Leuntie Miggielse, y. w., b. in Zeeland at Seradtskerke.