____ Whelan1

#18370, (say 1806 - before 24 March 1863)
Father*____ Whelan1 (s 1780 - b 1807)
Mother*Catherine _____1 (c 1780 - 1858)


____ _____ b. s 1804
Children 1.Catherine _____4 (s 1828 - )
 2.Ellen _____4 (s 1830 - )
Her married name was _____. 
No record has been found giving this person's name, the child of William Whelan's wife Catherine from a previous marriage and preumably deceased at the time William Whelan wrote his will. In this will, William Whelan names Catherine Smith and Ellen Sheaff as his deceased wife's grand daughters. We do not know whether either Smith or Sheaff are family or married names. If either was the family name of the grand daughter, then their unidentified parent would have been a daughter of Catherine, but this is all said with great uncertainty.2 
Birth*say 1806She was born say 1806.1 
1810She appeared on the census of 1810 in the household of William Whelan and Catherine _____ at Middle Ward, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, age10; (also 2 unknown Males, age 26-44; nei. Joseph Kite, six lines above Whelan.)3 
Marriage*say 1827She married ____ _____ say 1827.1 
Death*before 24 March 1863She died before 24 March 1863; (date of Wiiliam Whelan's will in which he names the daughters of this unidentified child of Catherine, William's deceased wife.2 


  1. [S1664] William Whelan (March 1863), Will and Probate of William Whelan, Philadelphia Court (1863) No. 536, online Ancestry.com. The will first provides one-eighth part (either directly or in trust) to each of six children of William (and presumably of Catherine). It then provides one eighth part "in trust for the sole and separate use of Catherine Feran, daughter of my deceased wife," revealing that Catherine had been married before her 1807 marriage with William. It goes on to provide the "remaining eighth part. . . in trust for the sole and separate use of Catharine Smith and Ellen A. Sheaff, granddaughters of my said wife in equal shares." This would appear to indicate that grand daughters Catharine and Ellen were not the daughters of Catherine Feran (who if they were would be receiving a greater share than her half-siblings) and were probably sisters, again proving for equal shares to eight offspring and their heirs. It is unlikely, but possible, that the Catherine, wife of William in the1850 census, is a second Catherine, but this genealogy will presume the first case, and presume that Catherine who married William in 1807 was a widow of another Whelan.
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  3. [S238] 1810 U.S. Federal Census. William (16-25); F (26-44) [Catherine]; m (<10) [William Jr]; 3 f (<10) [Elizabeth, Catherine (from Catherine's first marriage), ____ (from Catherine's first marriage); 2 M (26-44) [unknown, poss. brothers of William or Catherine].
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