Elizabeth Mather1

#2119, (say 1620 - 3 August 1690)
Relationship7th great-grandmother of William David Lewis
Father*Thomas Mather1 (s 1567 - )
Mother*Margarite Abrahms2 (s 1572 - )


Henry Woodward b. 1607, d. 1683
Children 1.Freedom Woodward+3 (c 1642 - 1681)
 2.Thankful Woodward+3,10,11 (1644/45 - )
 3.Experience Woodward+12 (c 1646 - 1686)
 4.John Woodward13 (s 1647 - )
Her married name was Woodward.1 
Elizabeth is reported as a Mather, unsourced. Savage says that Henry Woodward "came, says Clapp, in his careful Hist. of Dorchester, p. 141, in the James, Capt. Taylor, in the summer of 1635, with Richard Mather, and he calls him a physician."
Trumbull gives an account of the Woodward removal to Northampton that adds some circumstantial evidence.
Banks has Richard Mather and Henry Woodward both sailing on the James.3,4,5 
Birth*say 1620She was born say 1620 at Lowton, England.6 
Marriage*4 September 1638She married Henry Woodward on 4 September 1638 at Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay.1 
between 1659 and 1661She and Henry Woodward removed to Northampton, Massachusetts, between 1659 and 1661.3,7,8 
Death*3 August 1690She died on 3 August 1690 at Northampton, Hampshire Co., MassachusettsG.9 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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