Jannetje Van Deursen1

#2198, (1695 - 28 December 1737)
Relationship5th great-grandaunt of Nelle Belle Bridges
Father*Abraham Isaacsz Van Deursen1 (c 1659 - 1727)
Mother*Annatje Sickles1 (s 1664 - 1728)


Jan Van Aarnem
Children 1.Abraham Van Aarnem6 (1721 - )
 2.Isaac Van Aarnem6 (1724 - )
 3.Anna Van Aarnem6 (1735 - )
Jannetje Van Deursen was also known as Janneke Van Deursen.2 
She is numbered in The Van Deursen Family genealogy as (60.) 
Birth*1695She was born in 1695.1 
Baptism17 November 1695She was baptized on 17 November 1695 at Reformed Dutch Church, Albany, New York.3,4 
8 May 1719 As of 8 May 1719,her married name was Van Aamem.4 
Marriage*8 May 1719She married Jan Van Aarnem on 8 May 1719.4 
Death*28 December 1737She died on 28 December 1737.5 


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