Marten Cornelissen1

#2230, (circa 1640 - )
Father*Cornelis Maessen2 (s 1612 - 1648)
Mother*Catalyntje Martensen2 (s 1610 - 1648)

Family 1

Maritje Quackenbosh b. c 1642
Children 1.Cornelis Martensen Van Buren+11 (c 1664 - b 1693)
 2.Cornelia Martense Van Buren+11 (c 1668 - )
 3.Pieter Martensen Van Buren11 (c 1670 - )
 4.Maritie Martense Van Buren+ (c 1673 - )
 5.Marten Martensen Van Buren Jr.11 (c 1675 - )
 6.Catalyntje Martense Van Buren11 (c 1677 - )

Family 2

Tanneke Adams b. s 1645
Marten Cornelissen was also known as Van Buren. 
Birth*circa 1640He was born circa 1640 at Rensselaerswijck, New Netherland; (not in Holland, see citation.)3,4,5 
Marriage*circa 1663He married Maritje Quackenbosh circa 1663 at New YorkG.6,7 
Baptism13 July 1690He sponsored the baptism of Johannes Robbertsen Van Deursen on 13 July 1690.8 
Baptism3 August 1690He sponsored the baptism of Tobias Cornelisen Van Buren on 3 August 1690 at Reformed Dutch Church, Albany, New York.9 
Marriage*28 March 1693He married Tanneke Adams on 28 March 1693 at Albany, New York.10 


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    4. Tobias, bapt. 16 Aug 1696, spons. Antoni Bries and Tryntje Bries; marr. 21 Mar 1725, Ariaantje Muller (or Miller).
    5. Robbert, bapt. 1 Sep 1700, spons. Marten and Marrytje van Bueren; marr. 22 Nov 1724, Christiana Roorpagh (or Roorbach).
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