Francis Stoughton1

Relationship10th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*Edward Stoughton1
Mother*Mary Exhurst1


Agnes Trignall
Child 1.Rev. Thomas Stoughton+1 (s 1555 - )
Marriage*He married Agnes Trignall at EnglandG.2 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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  2. [S302] Miner Descent, online, Rev. Thomas Stoughton was born between 1551 and 1557 in Sandwich, Kent, England. His parents were Francis STOUGHTON and Agnes TRIGNALL. He married Katherine MONTPESSON in 1585 in Naughton, Suffolk, England. After Katherine died, he married Elizabeth [__?__]. Thomas died in 1622 in Sandwich, Kent, England

    Katherine Montpesson was born 1564 in England. Katherine died 18 Apr 1603 two months after Israel’s birth in Coggeshall,, Suffolk, England. Alternatively, Katherine’s maiden name was Evelyn and her parents were George EVELYN (1530 – 1603) and Joan STINT (1550 – 1613).