John Catlin Jr1

#2659, (between 1638 and 1643 - 29 February 1704)
Relationship7th great-grandfather of William David Lewis
Father*John Catlin1 (s 1610 - b 1644)
Mother*Isabella Ward2 (c 1620 - 1676)


Mary Baldwin b. c 1644, d. 1704
Children 1.John1 Catlin4 (1663 - s 1663)
 2.Mary Catlin+4 (c 1664 - 1703/4)
 3.Hannah Catlin+4 (1670 - 1747)
 4.Elizabeth Catlin+4 (c 1672 - 1703/4)
 5.Sarah Catlin4 (c 1674 - )
 6.Esther Catlin+1 (1675 - 1733)
 7.Joseph Catlin+4 (c 1677 - 1703/4)
 8.Jonathan Catlin19 (c 1680 - 1703/4)
 9.Ruth Catlin4 (c 1684 - )
 10.John Catlin III+4 (1687 - 1766)
History of Deerfield II, p. 104, the Deerfield Raid: "no family suffered more than his at the desolation of the town 1704." John was killed at his home, and Mary, though she survived, died soon after the Raid. Their children Jonathan and John died in the Raid. Their dau. Elizabeth (Corse) was captured and killed enroute to Canada. Their children Ruth and Joseph were captured, but later redeemed. Their dau. Mary and her husb., Thomas French, were captured with five of their children (another, John, age 1 was killed in the Raid). Mary died enroute to Canada. Thomas along with their dau. Mary and son Thomas Jr. were ransomed in 1706. Thomas and Mary's daus. Freedom, age 12, Martha, age 9, and Abigail, age 7, were taken to Canada and remained there.1,3 
From History of Deerfield: John, s. of John (1), b. abt. 1643; of Weth., 1662; of Branford, 1665, whence he rem. to Newark, where he was a teacher 1676; in 1678 he was "Town's Attorney" (not lawyer), an 'honest brother,' to take care that all town orders be executed, and if a breach occurs to punish the offender;" selectman 1676-81; was of Hart. 1683, of Dfd. soon after, as one of the early permanent settlers, where he was dignified by the title of "Mr." and took a prominent part in affairs; no family suffered more than his at the desolation of the town 1704; his buildings were all burned, and himself and s. Jonathan consumed with them; one s. was k. in the Meadow fight; another and three daus. were cap., and two of the latter k. on the march. He m. at Weth., Sept. 23, 1662, Mary, dau. Joseph Baldwin of Milford, Weth. and Had; saved fr. destruction 1704, by her practical Christianity, she survived the terrible tragedy but a few weeks, dying Apr. 9, 1704.
John, July 21, 1663, at Weth; d. young.
Mary; m. Oct. 18, 1683, Thomas French; k. 1704.
Elizabeth; m. abt. 1690, James Corse; k. 1704.
Hannah; m. abt. 1691, Thomas Bascom of Nhn.
Esther; m. abt. 1694, Ebenezer Smead.
Sarah; m. abt. 1694, Michael Mitchell.
Joseph (3).
Jonathan; k. 1704.
Ruth, —; cap. 1704; ret. 1707.
John, Jan. 8, 1687 (4).4 
Birth*between 1638 and 1643He was born between 1638 and 1643 at Wethersfield, Connecticut.5 
18 April 1659He was a signer of the Agreement on the Removal to Norwottuck (later Hadley) on 18 April 1659 at Nathaniel Ward's House, Hartford, Connecticut, but did not settle there; Agreement on the Removal to Norwottuck (later Hadley.)6,7 
between 1662 and 1665He removed to Branford, Connecticut, between 1662 and 1665.1 
Marriage*23 September 1662He married Mary Baldwin, daughter of Joseph Baldwin and Hannah Whitlock, on 23 September 1662 at Milford, Connecticut; poss. Newark NJ or Hadfield MA or Wethersfield CT.8 
1666/67He of Branford was a signer of The Newark Covenant in 1666/67; The Newark Covenant.9,10 
before 1676He and Mary Baldwin removed to Newark, New Jersey, before 1676.11 
between 1676 and 1683Between 1676 and 1683, John Catlin Jr was a schoolmaster at New Jersey.
On this Site
John Catlin
Newark's first schoolmaster
opened his School in 1676, holding
it in his home as was the custom
in those days. By vote of the
town's men he was engaged to
"Do his faithful honest and true endeavour
to teach the children or servants of those
as have subscribed...English and also much as they are capable
to learn and he capable to teach them."

He was a man of mark in the
community, serving as town's attorney
and later as town's man.
In 1683 he became one of the early
permanent settlers of Deerfield, Mass.
where his services gained for him
the honorable title of "Mr."
He was killed Feb. 29, 1704, in the
defence of his home against an
attack of French and Indians.

He was a guide of youth
and a leader of men

Erected by the Newark Schoolmen's Club
Newark Day, Nov. 6, 1911.
1683He removed to Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1683, possibly Hartford immediately before. 
Death*29 February 1704He died on 29 February 1704 at Deerfield, Franklin Co., MassachusettsG.1 
29 February 1703/4He was killed in the Deerfield Raid and Massacre on 29 February 1703/4 at Massachusetts; Deerfield French and Indian raid.12,13,14,15 
Inventory*25 May 1704His estate was inventoried by John Catlin Jr on 25 May 1704 at Hampshire (now Franklin) Co., MassachusettsG.16
Probate4 February 1706/7His estate was probated on 4 February 1706/7 at Hampshire (now Franklin) Co., MassachusettsG; (real estate division.)17 
4 February 1706/7In the settlement of the estate of John Catlin Jr, there is no mention of the children of his daughter Mary, who also died in the Indian raid and left children of her husband Thomas French. The surviving children were taken to Canada and not returned on 4 February 1706/7.18 
ChartsAncestors of William D. Lewis


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    John Webster [of Hartford]
    John Marsh [of Hartford]
    James Northam [of Wethersfield]

    William Goodwin [of Hartford]
    Robert Webster* [of Hartford]
    Samuel Gardner [of Wethersfield]

    John Crow [of Hartford]
    William Lewis Jr.* [of Hartford]
    Thomas Edwards* [of Wethersfield]

    Nathaniel Ward [of Hartford]
    Nathaniel Standley [of Hartford]
    John Hubbard [of Wethersfield]

    John White [of Hartford]
    Samuel Church [of Hartford]
    Thomas Dickinson [of Wethersfield]

    John Barnard [of Hartford]
    William Markum [of Hartford]
    Robert Boltwood [of Wethersfield]

    Andrew Bacon [of Hartford]
    Samuel Moody [of Hartford]
    Samuel Smith Jr* [of Wethersfield]

    William Lewis [of Hartford]
    Zechariah Field [of Hartford]
    William Gull [of Wethersfield]

    William Westwood [of Hartford]
    Widow Westly* [of Hartford]
    Luke Hitchcock* [of Wethersfield]

    Richard Goodman [of Hartford]
    Widow Watson* [of Hartford]
    Richard Montague [of Wethersfield]

    John Arnold* [of Hartford]
    Andrew Warner [of Hartford]
    John Latimer* [of Wethersfield]

    William Partrigg [of Hartford]
    Mr. John Russell Junior [of Wethersfield]
    Peter Tilton [of Windsor]

    Gregory Wilterton* [of Hartford]
    Nathaniel Dickinson [of Wethersfield]
    John Hawkes [of Windsor]

    Thomas Standley [of Hartford]
    Samuel Smith [of Wethersfield]
    Richard Billings

    Samuel Porter [of Windsor]
    Thomas Coleman [of Wethersfield]
    Benj. Harbert*

    Richard Church [of Hartford]
    John Russell, senior [of Wethersfield]
    Edward Benton*

    Ozias Goodwin* [of Hartford]
    John Dickinson [of Wethersfield]
    John Catling*

    Francis Barnard [of Hartford]
    Philip Smith [of Wethersfield]
    Mr. Samuel Hooker*

    James Ensign* [of Hartford]
    John Coleman [of Wethersfield]
    Capt. John Cullick*, not fully engaged

    George Steele* [of Hartford]
    Thomas Wells [of Wethersfield]
    Daniel Warner

    1st. We whose names are above written do engage ourselves mutually one to another, that we will, if God permit, transplant ourselves and families to the plantation purchased, on the east side of the river of Connecticut, beside Northampton, therein to inhabit and dwell by the 29th of September come twelve months, which will be in the year 1660. [Meaning Sept. 29th, 1660.]
    2d. That each of us shall pay the charges of the land purchased according to his proportion, as also for the purchase of Hockanum.
    3d. That we will raise all common charges, of what sort soever, for the present, upon the land that men take up: mow, plow land and house lot, according to the proportion of land that each man takes of all sorts; and all charges shall be paid as they shall arise and be due, from the date hereof.
    4th. That if any persons so engaging be not inhabiting there by the time aforesaid, then, notwithstanding their payment of charges, their lands and what is laid out in rates shall return to the town: and yet this article doth not free men from their promise of going and inhabiting.
    5th. That no man shall have liberty to sell any of his land till he shall inhabit and dwell in the town three years; and also to sell it to no person, but such as the town shall approve on.
    Agreed that all those persons that will go up within three weeks shall give in their names by this day fortnight, and then those that are so agreed shall take up a quarter together, and so those that follow shall take up another quarter, so they do it together, or so far as their numbers run.
    Agreed also that no persons shall fell any trees upon any lot of ground lotted out, or to be lotted out, but upon his own ground or lot, or against his own lot within ten rods of the same in the highway. The land to be lotted is either what is for the homelots, or between the homelots and the meadow.
    It is agreed also by the said company, upon the 25th of April, 1659, that they will purchase the lands on the west side of the great river, above Napanset, if it can be bought, and that each of the said engagers will pay their several proportions to the said purchase, according to what they have put in to take up lands by, at the time of their said engagement: witness their hands, dated April the 18th 1659."
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    Of the fifty-nine signers, thirty-six or thirty-seven were from Hartford, twenty front Wethersfield, and two or three from Windsor. Those from Wethersfield were:
    John Russell; Sen., Samuel Gardner; Rev. John Russell, Jr.; Nathaniel Dickinson; John Hubbard, son of George; John Dickinson and Thomas Dickinson, sons of Nath'l.; Thomas Edwards, of Hoccanum (Wethersfield); Samuel Smith, son of Rev. Henry, dec'd.; Robert Boltwood; William Gull; Thomas Coleman; Luke Hitchcock; John Colman, son of Thomas; Philip Smith; Thomas Welles, son of Hugh Welles and son-in-law of Thomas Coleman; Samuel Smith, Jr., s. of Samuel, the Felimonger; Richard Montague; James Northam; John Latimer.
    Smith, Montague and Russell had belting-mills at Hadley; Montague was a baker.
    By year end all had moved to Hadley save five who remained in Wethersfield, viz., Edwards, Samuel Smith, Jr., Hitchcock, Montague and Latimer.
    In March of 1661, Nathaniel Dickinson, Jr., Thomas Graves and his sons Isaac and John, Samuel Belden, and Samuel Dickinson (son of Nathaniel) "signed another agreement to remove to the West side of the River at Norwottock."
    . Hereinafter cited as Ancient Wethersfield I.
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    The covenant came after years of planning and negotiating by New Haven Colony dissidents opposed to the union with the Connecticut Colony. The covenant was first signed, on 30 Oct 1666, by the Branford members, twenty-three in number:
    1. Jasper Crane 13. Ebenezer Camfield
    2. Abra. Peirson.      14. John Ward, Senior
    3. Sam'l Swaine      15. Ed. Ball
    4. Laurance Ward      16. John Harrison
    6. Thomas Blacthly* 17. John Crane
    6. Samuel Plum      18. Thos. Huntington
    7. .losiah Ward      19. Delivered Crane
    8. Samuel Rose      20. Aaron Blacthly
    9. Thomas Peirson      21. Richard Laurence
    10. John Warde      22. John Johnson
    11. John Catling      23. Thomas L. Lyon [his mark]
    12. Richard Harrison

    This was followed on 24 Jun 1667 by the subscription to the document by forty-one members from Milford:
    1. Robert Treat.          22. Thom. Johnson          
    2. Obadiah Bruen.          23. John Curtis.          
    3. Matthew Camfield     24. Ephraim Burwell.               
    4. Samuell Kitchell          25. Robert R. Dennison. [his mark]          
    5. Jeremiah Pecke          26. Nathaniel Wheeler.          
    6. Michael Tompkins     27. Zachariah Burwell.
    7. Stephen Freeman 28. William Campe.
    8. Henry Lyon,          29. Joseph Walters.          
    9. John Browne          30. Robert Dalglish.               
    10. John Rutgers [Rogers].     31. Hauns Albers.          
    11. Stephen Davis.          32. Thomas Morris.          
    12. Edward Rigs.          33. Hugh Roberts.          
    13. Robert Kitchell           34. Eph'm Pennington          
    14. J. n. Brooks [his mark].     35. Martin Tichenor          
    15. Robert v. Lymens. [his mark] 36. John Browne, Jr               
    16. Francis f. Linle. [his mark]     37 Jona. Seargeant.          
    17. Daniel Tichenor.     38. Azariah Crane               
    18. John Bauldwin, Sen.     39. Samuel Lyon.
    19. John Bauldwin, Jr. 40. Joseph Riggs.
    20. Jona. Timipkins. 41. Stephen Bond
    21. Geo. Day     

    The document read thus:
    "1st. - That none shall lie admitted freemen or free Burgesses within our Town upon Passaick River, in the Province of Jersey, but such Planters as are members of some or other of the Congregational Churches, nor shall any but such be chosen to Magistracy or to Carry on any part of said Civil Judicature, or as deputies or assistants, to have power to Vote in establishing Laws, and making or repealing them, or to any Chief Military Trust or Office. Nor shall any But such Church Members have any Vote in such election. Tho all others admitted to be planters have right to their proper Inheritance, and do and shall enjoy all other Civil Liberties, Privileges, according to all Laws, Orders, Grants which are, or hereafter shall be made for this Town."

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    To an Iron Pot 4sh; To an iron kettle 4sh; To a frying pan 2sh; To 2 Tramels 6sh; An iron Peal 2sh; Hatchel Teeth 4sh. Total 1£ 2sh
    Hooks and Hinges 4sh; old Iron 12sh; more old Iron 4sh. Total 1£
    More 2 old axes and a Hoe 5sh; Two wedges and an axe 5sh. Total 10sh
    Old brass 1sh; Timber Chain 10sh; Staple and Ring and Horse chains (11sh). Total 1£ 2sh
    Cart and Wheels and Clevis and pin 22sh. Total 1£ 2sh
    One Cow 45sh; one Cow 45; one heifer 30sh; one burnt heifer 15sh; Two Steers 5£; 5 Calves 4£. Total 17£ 5sh
    Swine 3L 4sh; one Mare 20sh; one horse 20sh. Total 5£ 4sh
    Cowl 4sh; Plow and Irons and Double Hooks 12sh. Total 16sh
    Saddle 5sh; Brass and mortar and pestle 4sh. Total 9sh
    Clock[s] 35sh; money 6sh. Total 2£ 1sh
    17 bushels ½ barley 2sh a Bushel. Total 1£ 9sh
    1 sithe and tackling 3sh 6d. Total 3sh 6d
                                  Total 32£ 2sh 6d
    land An alotment 16 comons 48 acres.
    More 9 acres in the Plain
    More in the great meadows
    Taken by Jonathan Wells Thomas Wells John Allexander

    Signed: S. partridge [Judge], original records Hampshire County Courthouse, Northampton, Massachusetts.
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