Agnes Baldwin1

#2817, (say 1535 - circa 8 March 1567)
Relationship9th great-grandaunt of William David Lewis
Father*Richard Baldwin1 (s 1502 - 1553)
Mother*Ellen Apuke1 (s 1506 - a 1565)


William Grange d. c 1582
Her married name was Grange.2 
Birth*say 1535She was born say 1535 at EnglandG.3,1 
16 January 1552/53In Richard Baldwin's will dated 16 January 1552/53 at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, EnglandG, Agnes Baldwin was named as an heir, £12 to be paid when she reached nineteen years of age.4
Marriage*18 November 1566She married William Grange on 18 November 1566 at Buckinghamshire, EnglandG.5,2 
Death*circa 8 March 1567She died circa 8 March 1567 at BuckinghamshireG; as 1566/67.5,2 
Burial*10 March 1567She was buried on 10 March 1567 at Aston Clinton, BuckinghamshireG.6 


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