Jane _____1

#20190, (say 1600 - )

Family 1

John Hopkins b. s 1600, d. s 1653

Family 2

Nathaniel Ward b. c 1598, d. c 1664

Family 3

Gregory Wolterton b. c 1593, d. 1674
Her married name was Hopkins.1 
Her married name was Ward.1 
Her married name was Wolterton.2 
Birth*say 1600She was born say 1600.1 
Marriage*say 1625She married John Hopkins say 1625.1 
Marriage*say 1655She married Nathaniel Ward, son of Edward Ward and Judith _____, say 1655; (prob. second marriage.)1 
27 May 1664His wife Jane _____ was named in the will of Nathaniel Ward on 27 May 1664 at Hadley, Hampshire (now Berkshire) Co., MassachusettsG.3 
Marriage*circa 1670She married Gregory Wolterton circa 1670.2 


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    - wife [Jane]
    - kinsman Daniel Allyn of Nashaway (now Lancaster MA)
    - kinsman Noyes, son of sister Mary's dau. Mary (Cutting) Noyes [unidentified; Mary had six sons from 1645 to 1663]
    - kinswoman Browne of Salem, dau. of sister Rebecca (Ward) Allyn/Allen
    - kinswoman Elizabeth Hawkes of Hadley [no relationship given]
    - kinsman William Markham, also named Executor
    His house and land in Northampton Meadow given to his wife, then, after her death, to the town of Hadley.