John Twisden Jr.1

#22813, (circa 1622 - before 8 May 1695)
Father*John Twisden1 (1592 - b 1660)
Mother*Susanna Stuppell1 (c 1602 - )
Birth*circa 1622He was born circa 1622.1 
circa 1637He accompanied John Twisden and Susanna Stuppell circa 1637 to Plymouth Colony (now Massachusetts)G.2 
Death*before 8 May 1695He died before 8 May 1695 at York, York Co., MaineG.3 
Administration*8 May 1695Administration of the Estate of John Twisden Jr. granted to his nephew Capt. Arthur Bragdon on 8 May 1695 at York Co., MaineG.3 


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