Natalie Downing1

#26706, (7 June 1817 - 14 December 1899)
Father*John Downing1 (1781 - 1871)
Mother*Maria Josephte Doiron1 (c 1783 - )


Olivier Como b. c 1812, d. 1912
Natalie Downing was also known as Donelle.2 
Her married name was Como. 
Birth*7 June 1817She was born on 7 June 1817.1 
Baptism29 September 1817She was baptized on 29 September 1817 at Chapelle de la baie du Chimougoui, Shemogue, Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.1 
Baptism8 January 1835She sponsored the baptism of Catherine Mahoney on 8 January 1835 at St-Henri Church, Barachois, Shediac Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.3 
Marriage*1 October 1840She married Olivier Como, son of Cyrilles Como and Anna Leblanc, on 1 October 1840 at Shediac Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.4 
Baptism6 July 1849She sponsored the baptism of Margaret1 Niles on 6 July 1849 at Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.5 
Death*14 December 1899She died on 14 December 1899 at Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG, at age 82.2 
Burial*16 December 1899She was buried on 16 December 1899 at Ste-Thérèse d'Avila Church Cemetery, Cap-Pelé, Botsford Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.2 


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