John Corbly Jr.1

#28077, (circa 1768 - 22 September 1814)
Father*Rev. John Corbly2 (1733 - 1803)
Mother*Abigail Bull2 (c 1734 - 1768)


Children 1.Stephen Corbly+4 (c 1792 - )
 2.Lynn Corbly4 (c 1794 - )
 3.Paul Corbly+4 (1796 - 1830)
 4.Justus Corbly4 (c 1798 - )
 5.Nancy Corbly+1 (c 1800 - 1877)
 6.Elizabeth Corbly4 (c 1802 - )
 7.John Corbly III4 (c 1804 - )
 8.Priscilla Corbly4 (c 1806 - )
 9.William Corbly4 (c 1808 - )
 10.Newton Corbly4 (c 1811 - )
 11.Isaiah Corbly4 (c 1813 - )
Birth*circa 1768He was born circa 1768 at VirginiaG; (poss. Winchester, Berkely Co., Orange Co. or Frederick Co; see pp. 1-3.)1 
circa 1773He accompanied Rev. John Corbly and Elizabeth Tyler circa 1773 (perhaps as early as 1768, see. p. 3.)3 
circa 1789He migrated to OhioG circa 1789, after first settling on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River before being flooded out.1 
Death*22 September 1814He died on 22 September 1814 at OhioG.1 
Burial*September 1814He was buried in September 1814 at Clough Baptist Church Cemetery, Newtown, Hamilton Co., OhioG.1 


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