Elizabeth Corbly1

#28085, (circa 1776 - circa 1797)
Father*Rev. John Corbly1 (1733 - 1803)
Mother*Elizabeth Tyler1 (s 1750 - 1782)
Birth*circa 1776She was born circa 1776 at Greene (then Westmoreland) Co., PennsylvaniaG.1 
Death*circa 1797She died circa 1797, a result of the Colby Family Massacre.2 


  1. [S2370] Nannie L Fordyce, compiler, The Life and Times of Reverend John Corbly, and the John Corbly Family Genealogy (Washington, Pennsylvania: self-published, 1953), p. 63. Hereinafter cited as Reverend John Corbly.
  2. [S2370] Nannie L Fordyce, Reverend John Corbly, p. 29, citing L K Evans, Pioneer History of Greene County. "Elizabeth survived until twenty-one years of age. Sometimes she would seem to be entirely well, then the sore would suddenly reopen and endanger her life. She was said to be a very fascinating girl and was betrothed to Isaiah Morris. Preparations had been made for the nuptial occasion when very suddenly the wound broke out afresh and in a few days she was a corpse. (She always maintained that a white man had scalped her.)."