Mary _____1

#3411, (circa 1610 - )

Family 1

George Norton b. c 1610, d. 1659
Children 1.Freegrace Norton1 (c 1635 - )
 2.John Norton1 (c 1637 - )
 3.Nathaniel Norton1 (c 1639 - )
 4.George Norton Jr1 (c 1641 - )
 5.Mary Norton1 (1643 - )
 6.Mehitable Norton1 (c 1645 - )
 7.Sarah Norton1 (c 1646 - )
 8.Hannah Norton1 (c 1649 - )
 9.Abigail Norton1 (c 1651 - )
 10.Elizabeth Norton1 (c 1654 - 1677)

Family 2

Philip Fowler
Birth*circa 1610She was born circa 1610.1 
Marriage*circa 1633She married George Norton circa 1633 at MassachusettsG.1 
circa 1633 As of circa 1633,her married name was Norton.1 
30 June 1640She and George Norton were in Court on 30 June 1640 at Salem Quarterly Court, Essex Co., MassachusettsG.2 
ProbateNovember 1659She was the administrator of George Norton's estate in November 1659 at Essex Co., MassachusettsG.3 
before November 1660 As of before November 1660,her married name was Fowler.4 
Marriage*before November 1660She married Philip Fowler before November 1660.4 


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    footnote "**She bequeathed " my bed, my bolster and two pillow-beres with a blancet and a coverlet unto Elizabeth Capon my sister in walderswick in Sutf item I give unto Mary Norton the wife of Georg Norton in Salem my best coat, item I giue unto my sister above said thre peuter platters and a double saltseller, item I give vnto John Jackson the son of John Jackson half a dozen spoones and a porrenger, item I give unto Margret Jackson the wife of John Jackson of Salem my box of linning, with a payre of shetes, item I will that fower payer of sheets be sold to pay pt of my debts, item I give unto Elizabeth Kellem a surg wasot. Item I give unto John Jackson aforesaid my bible, item I will that my two best cloath wascotes to be sold as my shets aforesaid. Item I give unto Elezabeth Nicksone my payer of Anderens, item I will that ray napkins and bord cloaths to be sold as my wascots aforesaid.""
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