Balthasar Hesson1

#3763, (1713 - 1774)


Susanna Margretha Coblentz b. c 1713, d. 1786
Children 1.Wendel Hesson+1 (1737 - 1825)
 2.Eva Elisabeth Hesson+16 (bt 1737 - 1741 - b 1774)
 3.Juliana Hesson+4 (1742 - 1806)
 4.Baltzer Hesson Jr+4 (1744 - 1838)
 5.Elizabeth Hesson+4 (1744/45 - 1824)
 6.Jacob Hesson4 (1746 - )
 7.Peter Hesson (c 1747 - )
 8.Magdalena Hesson4 (1750 - )
 9.Christina Hesson+17 (1753 - 1820)
 10.Johannes Hesson4 (1755 - )
 11.Mary Catharine Hesson4 (1759 - 1852)
 12.Anna Margaret Hesson4 (1761 - )
Balthasar Hesson was also known as Balthasar Heissung. 
Debbie's Family Tree has parents of Balthasar as Michel Hussong (1696 Mimbach, Bayern - 1759 Webenheim, Saarland) and Maria Elisabetha Metzger (1697-1761); parents of Michel Hussong as Hans Georg Hussong (1669 - 1735 both Mimbach, Bayern) and Anna Margaretha Linder (1679 - 1719 both Mimbach.)2 
Balthasar Hesson was also known as Balthasar Hissong. 
Balthasar Hesson was also known as Balthasar Hessong. 
According to C. E. Schnildknecht, Editor of MONOCACY & CATOCTIN, Balthazar Hessong, age 26, and wife Margaret arrived from Limbach, Germany in September 1739 on the ship Friendship according to S & H. By 1743, they were in East Callico Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa, where Balthasar was an elder in the Muddy Creek Union Church.

Baltzer Hesson signed the first constitution of St Mary's Reformed Lutheran church as Balthasar Heissung. Founder of St. Mary's Union Church at Silver Run, MD in 1762.3 
Birth*1713He was born in 1713 at Limbach, Zweibrucken, Rheinland-Pfalz, GermanyG.4 
Marriage*circa 1736He married Susanna Margretha Coblentz circa 1736 at GermanyG.4 
3 September 1739He and Susanna Margretha Coblentz migrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 3 September 1739 on the Friendship from Rotterdam by way of Deal. Passenger list includes Baltser Hissing, age 26, no family shown (other passengers have family members shown); Captain William Vittery. Arrival Philadelphia, 3 Sep 1739.5,6,7,8 
1739He and Susanna Margretha Coblentz appeared on the census of 1739 at Pennsylvania.9 
11 December 1739Balthasar Hesson acquired real estate at Cocolico Creek, Lancaster Co., PennsylvaniaG, on 11 December 1739.10,11
Baptism1 November 1767He witnessed the baptism of Maria Elizabetha Coblentz on 1 November 1767 at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Littlestown, Adams Co., PennsylvaniaG.12 
Baptism31 March 1770He sponsored the baptism of Maria Margaretha Coblentz on 31 March 1770 at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germany Twp., Adams Co., PennsylvaniaG.13 
Baptism6 January 1773He sponsored the baptism of Louisa Margaretha Hellwig on 6 January 1773 at Germany Twp., Adams Co., PennsylvaniaG.14 
5 April 1773He left a will on 5 April 1773 at Frederick Co., MarylandG.1 
Death*1774He died in 1774 at Carroll Co., MarylandG.15 
Burial*1774He was buried in 1774 at St. Mary's Cemetery, Silver Run, Carroll Co., MarylandG.15 


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