Josiah Downen1

#3942, (circa 1750 - circa 1801)
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of William David Lewis


Mary Elizabeth Smith b. 1747, d. 1835
Children 1.Job Downen Sr+13,14 (bt 1765 - 1768 - 1842)
 2.Hannah Downen+13,14 (c 1770 - )
 3.William N Downen+13,14 (bt 1770 - 1775 - c 1850)
 4.Timothy Downen+13,14 (c 1777 - 1828)
 5.Josiah Downen Jr+13,14 (1780 - 1845)
 6.Patsy "Martha" Downen+15,14 (c 1784 - c 1855)
 7.Elizabeth Downen+16 (c 1784 - )
 8.Polly Downen+16 (c 1784 - )
 9.David Downen+13,14 (1789 - c 1837)
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Josiah Downen was also known as Joshua. 
Josiah Downen was also known as Downing (variant.)3 
Birth*circa 1750He was born circa 1750 at South Carolina or North CarolinaG; (poss.)1 
Marriage*He married Mary Elizabeth Smith.4,5 
13 February 1765He received a land grant comprising 150 acres near Parke's Creek on 13 February 1765 at Granville (now Abbeville) Co., South CarolinaG.6,7
between May 1780 and April 1782He was between May 1780 and April 1782 at South CarolinaG.8,1 
1790He and Mary Elizabeth Smith appeared on the census of 1790 at Pendleton Co., South CarolinaG.9 
between 1794 and 1799He and Mary Elizabeth Smith removed to Logan (later Christian, now Muhlenberg) Co., KentuckyG, between 1794 and 1799 Kentucky (but see the land survey for their son Job in 1796.)10,11 
1799He received a land grant at Muhlenberg Co., KentuckyG, in 1799 of 200 acres (but no source for this record given.)12 
Death*circa 1801He died circa 1801 at Muhlenberg Co., KentuckyG.1 
Different theories exist as to Josiah Downing's origins. Some researchers have speculated that Josiah was one of the many poor Scots-Irish Protestant immigrants to the Carolina colonies during this period, who were promised free land by the English crown to settle there. Others believe Josiah was part of a Downing family migration southward from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina in the 1700s; in fact, one source claims that Josiah's oldest son was born in Granville County, North Carolina. There were other Downings in nearby Chester County, South Carolina, who seem to have followed this southward migration. Also, there were Downing families just across the boundary in Georgia, who could have moved northeastward into South Carolina. Some researchers speculate that Josiah may be closely related to Indian Traders John Downing and Patrick Downing who were sent from Virginia to South Carolina in the 1750s to man the new frontier trading post near Abbeville; both were still living in the 1770s, in proximity to Josiah. At this point, nothing can be ruled out, and clear-cut proof remains to be found. However, the southward migration from Pennsylvania through Maryland, Virginia (perhaps Orange County), and North Carolina (perhaps Orange County) seems promising and whould merit further research.

Source: [with this note: "This section is intended only as a general overview of Downen family origins so far as they have been documented. It is based upon personal research, and also summarizes information found in previous publications, including History of the Downen Family 1777-1970 (A.R. Bradley, Carmi, IL. 1974) and Many Branches of the King-Miner Family (Glen Miner, Ridgway, IL. 1984). For additional detail, consult one or both of those books, which can be found in several libraries in Southern Indiana and Illinois."].12 
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