James O'Donnell1

#31379, (circa 1812 - 6 January 1890)
Father*____ O'Donnell2

Family 1

Johannah _____ b. c 1811, d. 1879

Family 2

Magdelaine Haché b. 1839, d. 1919
James and John are probably brothers (or poss. cousins) as they lived in the same house in 1851. Mary Carroll, a wid. in the same house, was probably their sister, and she entered NB in 1836, the same year as John did.3 
Birth*circa 1812He was born circa 1812 at IrelandG.1 
1836He entered the Colony of New BrunswickG in 1836.1 
Marriage16 November 1841He witnessed the marriage of William Hogan and Norah Donovan on 16 November 1841 at La Visitation Church, Grande-Digue, Dundas Par., Kent Co., New BrunswickG, friend of William.4
Marriage*He married Johannah _____; (poss. earlier.) 
Baptism17 September 1848He witnessed the baptism of William Hogan Jr. on 17 September 1848 at St-Anselme Church, Fox-Creek, Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG, as sponsor.5 
1851He and Johannah _____ appeared on the census of 1851 at Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (neis. Florence Donovan; Patrick and Jane Hennessey; Mary O'Neill; Maurice O'Neill; Richard and Bridget Delahunt; Mary Kennedy.)1 
1861He appeared on the census of 1861 at Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (neis. John O'Donnell, age 75; Patrick Hennessey; Peter and Mary Keenan with Ellen Carroll; Francis and Ellen Dunn with George Eddington; Frank and Mary Gallagher.)6 
1871He and Johannah _____ appeared on the census of 1871 at Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (neis. John and Rosanna Eddington, fam. 48.)7 
1881He appeared on the census of 1881 at Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG; (neis. Daniel and Catherine McNeil; Melançon; Dennis and Ellen Gallagher.)8 
Marriage*27 June 1883He married Magdelaine Haché on 27 June 1883 at Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.9,10 
Death*6 January 1890He died on 6 January 1890 at Irishtown, Moncton Par., Westmorland Co., New BrunswickG.11 


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