Ann Dowling1

#33100, (circa 1831 - )
Father*John Dowling1 (c 1800 - b 1851)
Mother*Mary Davis1 (c 1800 - 1889)


Francis Cormier b. c 1842
Children 1.Frederick Cormier5 (c 1868 - )
 2.Francis John Cormier6 (1870 - )
Her married name was Cormier. 
Birth*circa 1831She was born circa 1831 at New BrunswickG.1 
Marriage27 June 1853She witnessed the marriage of Catherine Dowling and William Henry Crow on 27 June 1853 at La Visitation Church, Grande-Digue, Dundas Par., Kent Co., New BrunswickG.2 
Marriage10 February 1861She witnessed the marriage of Elizabeth Lutz and James Dowling on 10 February 1861 at Dundas Par., Kent Co., New BrunswickG.3 
Marriage*16 February 1867She married Francis Cormier on 16 February 1867 at Westmoreland Co., New BrunswickG.4 


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